What happened to your peace?

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How do you react to the events of your day?

Do you easily get overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, worried, discouraged?
What happened to your peace?
It all depends on what voice you are listening to.
Click on the video and get your peace back!

Yes, I look different! It's from 2014. We're having another look at it this week because of this month's emphasis on how to find peace of mind.

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  1. I read the Bible alot more now and listen to Christian podcasts and programs to learn more and remember the scriptures that comfort. Thanks for your podcasts. I’m reminded of Christ. He is always with me.

  2. This was an encouraging and insightful reminder to ask the Lord to show me what I need to know about my situation…rather than thinking I know.

    Thank you

  3. Good word this morning, Dr. Grant…and, an enduring word though presented in 2014 it carries meaning for right now, today, in 2021……..His perspective on the situation…I’ve noticed how contrasting it is to mine…Thanks for more than the reminder…you’ve affirmed how much better it is to allow Him to speak! That phrase from John 14:27 that says “MY peace I give you…” says it again: HIS will be very different than mine! Thank you!

  4. Hi Grant and Cathy. Your weekly emails have really helped me to realize that God loves and cares about me. I have PTSD and get triggered easy. But I am now turning to the Lord and reminding me that He is always with me and will fight my battles for me. Also I have learned to let go as usually it is flesh and blood against me. God takes care of the spiritual warfare and I can relax and trust in Him. You have helped me so so much. I look forward to your weekly contact and I save them and read them again. God bless you both. Remember I pray for both of you. Much love in Christ, Isobel

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