You will never feel lost again

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Have you ever felt lost or disoriented?

Did you feel confused when all the familiar landmarks disappeared? We can easily get emotionally or spiritually disoriented too. 
It’s a terrible feeling. 
In those moments, we need a guide to get us through the fog. 
Click on the video and get your bearings.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you navigated through disappointment or confusion? Just leave your comments in the box below. It will encourage many.

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  1. I felt lost from God . I felt led to revisit things that had interested me many years ago before becoming a Christian. Improvisational art, decorating interiors and reading about inspiring leaders in our day.
    This refreshed my faith and reignited the depth of my love for God and depth of wisdom God has for each of us although the bible is a challenge for me.

  2. In times of personal and business issues, the only true compass that I referred to is God and Jesus Christ.
    I had to go back to his truths that I had read and learned in the bible, get on my knees to pray, speak to my family and some great Christian Brothers, write down my decision, the steps I would take to execute my plan, then work my plan. It was not easy, prayer and meditation morning and night. With time I found my bearings and destination. I still have days and times when I still feel lost and wonder what now God and how will I deal with this new challenge. I use the same process.

  3. I got lost one day on a business trip for work. The GPS showed me that I was off course, but I thought I was going in the right direction. As time went on, it showed that I was going to be hours late. I had to make a decision to follow my gut or to follow the GPS. Because I felt I was still going in the right direction, I followed my gut and after an hour, the GPS recalculated that I was going the right way and would be at my destination shortly. The Lord showed me that it was a spiritual analogy. We can follow the direction that the Lord leads us on to or chose to believe “the world” (GPS). It looked like the GPS knew better than me and that I was wrong, but I felt it was wrong. I had to make a choice. Sometimes we have to go against the flow and what looks right to follow our heart in what the lord is leading us to do, even if it doesn’t make sense.

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