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lives are changed

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God wants us to be more than saved.
Romans 12:2 says that God wants us to be saved and transformed!
But how do you do that?
The purpose of all our seminars is to explain and demonstrate how we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds.
All sessions end with corporate prayers to invite God to speak to us and lead us into transformation.

Live a Transformed Life Seminar
This is a church based life changing event to help Christians step into their God given destiny of emotional freedom and personal transformation.
It can be of any length or combination of topics to fit the church’s needs. View topics below.

Emotionally Free Weekend
This is a personal transformation experience that can be done in a church or hotel format. View Event

Marriage Unlimited
This is a weekend or one week experience for couples who want to see their marriages strengthened. View Event

Below is a suggestion of how we recommend our topics be presented.
But all the topics can be mixed according to local interests and needs.

Level 1: How to get started

Introduces the basic principles of why we need to be transformed and how to begin.

Starting Your Journey to Recovery
Learn how to start your journey to recovery by understanding the three links in the chain of emotional bondage. 
For more information click here.

Find out what Christians should know about depression, anxiety and mood swings.
 For more information click here.

Our Will, A Testimony of Healing by Kathy Mullen
In this presentation, Kathy Mullen explains how her broken will was healed as God walked her through the process of emotional recovery. 
For more information click here.

Anger, taming your wild side
God has given you the tools to bring anger under control so it will no longer disrupt your life and the lives of everyone around you. 
For more information click here.

Shame, Our Hidden Torment,
You will learn how to tell if your life has been damaged by shame and how to be set free from it.
 For more information click here.

Level 2

Fear, When Trust is Lost

In this presentation, you will gain the tools to overcome and take control of the fears that disrupt your life.
 For more information click here.

Forgiveness, the gateway to freedom by Kathy Mullen
In this presentation Kathy Mullen explains how forgiveness is the gateway to personal freedom. For more information click here.

Overcoming Rejection

Learn how to recognize and recover from the wounds of rejection. 
For more information click here.

Freedom from Codependency
Learn how codependency develops, how to spot it and how to be free.
 For more information click here.

Level 3

Tier 3 introduces the reality of spiritual conflict, how it affects us and how we can be victorious.

You Have Authority

In this presentation you will discover your hidden authority and learn how to use it.
 For more information click here.

Freedom Now! A Beginners Guide to Deliverance

Know how to set yourself free from spiritual attack.
 For more information click here.

The Power of Words

Understand the power of words, how you can increase blessings and break curses.
 For more information click here.

Additional topics

Finding Self Acceptance

Learn how to accept yourself and walk free of the lies you believe about yourself.
 For more information click here.

Shame Part 2, How shame damages families
 and churches

In part 2 of the Shame series, understand how God wants to heal the wounds from our families and churches.
 For more information click here.

Burnout, rekindle the flame
Learn how to recognize and recover from ministry burnout. 
For more information click here.

Healing: A Physician’s View

In this presentation, I explain the role of healing prayer in a frank and honest way. For more information click here.

Controlling Relationships

Learn how to recognize when your life is being controlled by damaging relationships from the past or present.
For more information click here.

The Power of a Godly Imagination by Kathy Mullen
Learn why God gave us the capacity to see things with our spirit and mind, and how we can use that ability the way God intended. This session will help you activate your spiritual eyes and ears so you can learn how to hear from God and talk to him in a more visual way. Your walk with God will be transformed and it will open the door to new levels of creativity.

The Profitable Servant, how walking with God is good for business

Can you be “called” to secular work?
 Are large profits Godly?
 Does God do business miracles? 
Can you use the “Five fold ministries” in business?
 How does the Holy Spirit give us a competitive advantage? 
How can God empower your strengths?
 This 1 or 2 part seminar will answer these questions and affirm the marketplace calling of Christian business people. You will learn how God wants to help you be more profitable.

The power of His presence

When you are in the presence of God there is no limit to what can happen.
 God’s presence releases the supernatural into your life and circumstances.
How is God’s presence different in the New Testament?
 What is the key to evangelism and miracles?
 How can you bring God’s presence into your home and work?