Marriage Unlimited

Marriage Unlimited

Would you like to have a great marriage?

The marriage God designed for you to have?

Would you like to keep the spark alive that you had when you were dating?

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve been married for a while now and it’s just not that easy to have the marriage you had dreamed about. There are too many responsibilities which are getting in the way. Your marriage is good, but how much better could it be? You’re wondering if it will ever be possible to become the couple that you were on your honeymoon.

I know how you feel. We’ve been married 35 years and we’ve had our share of struggles. In fact, in year thirteen we hit a major crisis in our relationship and I offered to leave. You can hear our story on this video, just click here.

I’ve also been a mental health physician for most of my career, so I know how couples struggle. Don’t feel alone if your marriage is hitting a few bumps, we’ve all been there.

What’s important, is that you take action now to see your marriage thrive. That’s why we created Marriage Unlimited.

Marriage Unlimited is a weekend or five day getaway where you will learn how to prevent your marriage from becoming stale or boring. You’ll take steps to maintain the joy in your relationship that you had when you were dating. It’s a time to reconnect and rekindle your flame in a relaxed, pampered environment, away from your daily responsibilities.

You will learn how to be mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy so you can understand each other better, solve problems faster and not let resentments get between you. We want to remove all the obstacles that might be holding you back from a fantastic marriage.

Marriage Unlimited will grow your relationship and make it stronger. It will draw you both closer to God, so he can take your marriage to a new level you never thought was possible.

We’ll have a lot of fun too, through presentations, cartoons and videos. There’s also time to answer workbook questions with your spouse, so you can hear each other’s heart.

Marriage Unlimited comes in two formats. The weekend retreat and the five day resort experience in the Dominican Republic. Click on the link that best suits your schedule.

Don’t wait any longer to have the marriage God designed for you. Don’t stay stuck, thinking nothing will ever change. Don’t let you marriage get boring or monotonous.

This is your opportunity to invest in your marriage. After all, how much do you spend each year on car maintenance? And you only keep it a few years. Why not invest in your marriage that will last a lifetime and shape the next generation. This is your opportunity to get away from your daily routine and focus on each other, while having fun!

With God’s help, your marriage can grow into an amazing adventure with the love of your life. Come and join us at Marriage Unlimited and see what God will do.

Remember, marriage was God’s idea. He wants you to have a great one

Click here to see the two options:

Weekend Getaway

Five day tropical resort Getaway

We’re looking forward to seeing you there for a life changing and fun time.

Grant and Kathy