Don’t stay anxious or depressed

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Anxiety and depression are epidemic

You’re not alone if you feel this way.
Christians have misunderstood these common conditions.
So sufferers have felt shame and condemnation.
That stops today!
Watch the video and take a quick course in Christian psychiatry.

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Just knowing that a Christian doctor understands  what I am going through and that I am not alone in my journey to freeing my mind has helped me. The sound medical advice and Christian based teaching and prayers from an obviously caring couple are helping me to free my mind of the depression, anxiety and fear that I have been living with most of my life. ~Cynthia F. Chambly, QC 

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Comments 6

  1. Thank you for freeing me from the guilt of having to take medicine under the direction of my doctor. She also gives me good advice. Your spiritual input is also very helpful.

  2. I have been so blessed by you Grant, especially through your book “Emotionally Free”. It literally set me free to get the help I needed for major depressive and anxiety disorder. I’ve been on quite the journey going from 5 medications when I was released from a psychiatric hospital 7 years ago down to a low dose of one medication within 2 years because of how I addressed my recovery. I made sure I targeted all three parts of me which you speak about- my soul (mind, will, emotions, personality), the physical part of me through diet, medication and exercise and my spirit. I am still on one low dose of medicine and am so greatful to you and God for the life and freedom I have today! I have written about my journey of mental illness and recovery in a book called “Hope for the Hopeless” (on Amazon) if anyone is interested in learning more. There is SOOOO much hope for people suffering with these disorders and today is NOT your forever!

    1. I have also been blessed by the book, Emotionally Free. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks using medication is a no-no. As you do, I have combined all three areas in my treatment and still have to take medication, counselling and spiritual advise. I have progressed to the point where I can reach out to others who suffer mentally. My journey has been long and hard but I believe God is going to use me to help others.

    2. That is so good Lyn
      Please share the book you wrote as many Christians in the world are suffering from these issues.
      Now that you over came them its a blessing to share just as Jesus Christ did and said
      Freely you received Freely I give.
      Be a blessing.

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