Four keys to control anger

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Anger is dangerous!

But it’s an emotion God gave you.

It’s also the emotion the enemy can most easily trigger to destroy you and the people around you.

So how can you control anger the way God intended?

Click on the video and I’ll give you four keys.

To live a transformed life you must control your anger.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God helped you control your anger?  Just leave your comments in the box below.

Take control of your anger!

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  1. great points! just before reading this I received some spam that made me angry. realizing my anger, I chose to respond appropriately and not risk sounding offensive.

  2. The Lord has been helping me with anger issues by showing me that I have a problem with anger which I didn’t even know I had in the first place.I grew up with two parents who were unsaved, very dysfunctional, and extemely verbally abusive, so all of my life, starting from early childhood, I think I repressed my anger in order to survive in an environment like that. So, I thought I had anger under control, but my spouse and son kept telling me that even though I am very kind, loving, caring and compassionate, they would say, why are so angry at times? That’s when I realised I had a problem, so I did some anger management classes, which helped.I started memorizing Scriptures on dealing with anger, and got some help from a christian counselor. I know I will benefit from your DVD’S on overcoming unhealthy anger .I probably should order it soon..God bless..Praying for a very fruitful and fulfilling year for you and your family..appreciate all you do to help us out here.Thank you..

  3. Thank you , Grant !!

    This is such a good topic for discussion . I learned many years ago from a good Christian writer that one way to conquer and control the emotion of anger is to do the following :
    When a circumstance happens that raises your blood pressure and , you have the ‘ urge ‘ to become angry , you must immediately remember to respond rather than react/. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the right and mature action to take.
    However , it is much easier to react than to respond. I’ll try to define these words so we can honestly agree on their differences .
    ” To react ” is to make a quick,spontaneous choice to ‘ act ‘ on the circumstance that has happened . Reacting to something or someone is quick and can have grave consequences to the thing or person(s) involved . Generally speaking, to react means there is little or no thought as to what to do. The ‘ action ‘ is sudden and spontaneous .
    ‘ To respond ‘ is something totally different. When a person responds to a circumstance; they first given some thought to the situation at hand and, try to come up with the best or most appropriate solution to the problem. When it comes to responding ,it’s like the total opposite to reacting .
    As I already mentioned, learning to respond rather than to react , is a difficult practice to learn. In my case, it took me about two years to really get to the point where I would respond to a situation rather than react to it. I want the reader to understand that it is reachable to come to a place in your life where you always respond rather than react.
    When we want to learn this goal , we really need our Lord Jesus to assist us. We need to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to properly equip us with patience and wisdom so we can take ( or not take) the appropriate course of action .
    Lastly , I want to say that, if I can learn to do this then anyone can! I’m no rocket scientist by any stretch of the imagination , but I found the Lord didn’t want me to be onet but desired that I totally trust Him and be submissive to His Sovereignty. Thank you Lord for Your great faithfulness !

  4. I was a teacher and I had to learn to keep my patience. It was the most challenging thing I every did. I found that I had to pray each day for patience and I mad up a signal in the classroom that indicated that I felt things were no longer peaceful. I would raise my hand and put a finger over my lips (a common signal for quiet) then all the students would be required to do the same until the room became quiet again. It was much better than yelling (which isn’t really a good method to obtain quiet anyway and I found that the children appreciated the simple signal and would respond accordingly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until several years into my career that I discovered this remedy. I think my self esteem was boosted by coming upon this quiet signal and of course was much better for the children. Thank God for coming to my aid.

  5. Hi My story is much the same as Glorys. I have anger that comes when not necessarily triggered by any thing external but stufffrom inside me, at least thats how it seems much of the time. Theres a term “impacted rage”. I may be dealing with that. I believe i stuffed all that anger as child and now its at the surface and now i have to deal with it. I am depressed as a result. I believe it blocks out any love i may recieve. I dont feel loved even though I know people love me. This along with abandonment issues is taking all my joy away. I seem to find fault with most everything i see. I am caught and cant get free from this terrible condition. Rich

  6. I think my anger is about the disease I have which is diabetes. The good news is that I am making some healthy lifestyle changes to improve my blood sugar numbers and it’s working.

  7. Thanks for for the good tips. I was one of those ppl who used to get angry until i led the verse you refered to. Lack of forgiveness is what actually makes us judge ppl from past negative experiences about them. Another thing is keeping a record of wrong things about ppl. God should help us concentrate on the positive aspects of ppl we interact with. We should also understand that there is no human that is perfect and that all days are not Sundays

  8. Thank you Dr Mullen for the videos you make. Your information is so needed in a world that seems to be full of anger. God bless you.

  9. brother,
    Thank you soooooo much for your continuing videos that help with
    our emotional baggage.You and your wife give clear concise messages in
    laymen’s terms for the many brethren who really need victory in the mental/
    emotional area.This battle for the mind is crucial in our struggles for living
    the abundant life.May the Lord continue to bless your ministries…we need them!

  10. Post
  11. Rich, thank you for your honesty. I think that’s a huge first step in fighting the Anger Beast. So often, I find personally, that its”the little foxes that spoil the grapes.” He is able

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