Has God let you down?

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Have you been disappointed with God?

Have you had unanswered prayers or seen your hopes and dreams evaporate when circumstances turned out badly?

It’s happened to all of us.

How can we resolve the disconnect between God’s promises and what we experience?

It’s one of the toughest issues every Christian has to face.

Don’t let your faith be shipwrecked by this dilemma.

Watch the video and get a new perspective.

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  1. Dr. Grant and Kathy…oooh—that’s a really tough area/issue. Thank you for tackling this difficult issue with compassion and certainty. It’s fitting for this conversation to be this week. If Jesus had called those “10,000 angels” and had escaped and avoided the Cross then our conclusions would be very different. However, the Cross calls out that even “the worst” is more than understood by Jesus. His victory and His resurrection are ours. Praise the Lord for the hope we have. Once again, thank you for tackling the question and the issue.

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  2. This was a very helpful video being married to an unbeliever I need to call upon Abba Father often for he knows all that is happening. It is comforting to know that he sees it all.
    Thank you for the comforting lesson:)

  3. An excellent issue to address. When I break it down it does come to me wanting to be the one in control. Unfortunately the disappointment can come from wounds experienced in churches. One issue is that we have unreal expectations of Pastors and leaders. Thankyou for continuing your ministry after so many years. I went twice when you visited Melbourne Australia.

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      Melbourne…. wow, that was a long time ago! Glad you remembered us. Such great memories of our trips to Oz. Would love to return.

  4. Dr. Grant and Kathy…once again you have brought our attention to what is often such a painful place…disappointment with God! Thank you for ushering us past that point by highlighting the CONTROL issue. Thank you for drawing us to scriptures that confirm His love. Thank you for reminding us that worship (even when it’s that sacrifice of praise) removes any wedge between us and our powerful (but yes, unpredictable) God!

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      You’re welcome Peggy. This is a tough issue that all of us face at some time. We need to talk about it.

  5. Thank you for encouragement and wisdom for times when one might lose focus on the truth during difficult circumstances. God bless you Dr. Grant and Kathy.

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  6. Sometimes God has a greater purpose that we don’t see, so we must simply be faithful to Him, in all circumstances.

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