How can Christians Control Anger?

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Christians never get angry, right?

Because isn't anger a sin?
All anger comes from darkness and must be avoided.
These are examples of how Christians misunderstand anger.
Sure it’s dangerous, but so is gasoline. We just need to know how to handle it safely.
Watch the video and begin your journey to healthy anger.

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  1. Dr. Grant and Kathy…SO well done! There are powerful words in there: trigger, taming, and training are just a few! Thank you for “tackling” such a common issue (that’s another “t” word!) And, the quick jaunt through the examples of so many from the Word is huge. Thank you…and that’s definitely another “t” word! You are presenting such vital information with excellence…and, of course, the illustrations are the best!

  2. hi grant I dont know whats triggering my anger and dont know what has caused my pain within me,ive asked jesus about these things

    1. Post
  3. I appreciate that and a good future topic could be the role we all have in not provoking others to anger. Being mature in behaviour starts with a reasonable treatment of others, not giving anger a foothold!

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