Is mental illness a sign of spiritual weakness?

Dr. Grant MullenMoods 2 Comments

Are antidepressants safe for Christians?

Is taking medications for moods an indication of lack of faith?

Can medications improve your spiritual life?

Why are Christians ashamed to have depression, anxiety or mood swings?

Why are Christians so hesitant to take medications for their mood?

How can a physical problem cause spiritual symptoms?

Is God disappointed when we take medications for our mood?

What are the risks of stopping medications suddenly?

Watch the video and get answers to all these questions and more.

This is part 2 of a series of interviews on healing from trauma.

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  1. I’ve watched your video for this week & it’s rather interesting. Have you checked out Dr. Daniel Amen & what he’s found in his unique work? He uses SPECT scans to locate the problems inside the brain. I’ve also heard him say that he’s not against meds if they’re truly needed, but he’s concerned about the side effects plus the meds need to really work well for that person’s brain problems. I’d like to speak with you personally, but I’m questioning whether you’d make it possible for me to FaceTime u? As you’ve said that people who are on anti-depressants r truly suffering. Yes, we certainly r & I’m one of those people. Apparently the Counselor I’m talking with over my old iPhone6 plus my landline ? is only giving me a few more sessions then our sessions r over, he’s moving onto other people. Says that he can’t do the EMDR on me. I still need real help!!! ???

  2. Dr. Mullen, I can’t get the real serious mental/emotional/ trauma/grief deep-seated help that I’m looking online & found a place that’ll help me end my life. Are u truly willing to step up & in to do pro-bono serious work with me before I make a serious life threatening move? I’m truly scared ?!!!

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