10 Steps to the New You!

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How to be transformed mentally, spiritually and emotionally in 10 steps

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Video Training Series for personal or group study

Would you like to have peace of mind, healthy relationships and a victorious Christian life? Would you like to have a clear mind, free from fear, able to concentrate and control each thought? Do you want to get rid of the emotional baggage that keeps getting triggered by other people? Would you like a better marriage and better relationships generally? Would you like to know how to stop struggling and use your spiritual authority?

Through my 27 years of medical practice, these were the most common issues that Christians were struggling with. I just couldn’t understand why so many Christians were suffering while we claimed to have all the answers to life’s problems. So I decided to find the answers to these questions.

The truth is that God really has provided the answers and he wants to lead us to freedom. The problem is that the answers aren’t getting to the people who need them.

Through my clinical experience and my own marriage crisis, God showed me the keys that he has provided to set us free, body, personality and spirit. So I created the 10 Steps to the New You program which contains the 10 key steps that will transform the way you think, feel and relate to others. It’s a road map that will guide you to a new understanding of yourself, others and God. What took me years to discover, you can now learn in just a few hours.

Imagine what it will be like to unload your emotional baggage, transform your marriage and hear the voice of God. That’s what the 10 Steps are all about. You will be a different person by the time you watch the Conclusion video.

The 10 Steps to the New You is not just an educational program. It is designed to give you a supernatural encounter with the power of God to transform your life.

Enclosed on the DVD is a 43 page (.pdf) workbook for personal or group study that contains discussion questions that review the important points of each step. You can print out as many copies of the workbook as you need. Each video runs from 9 to 26 minutes so there is lots of time for discussion using the workbook.

Are you ready to be transformed by Changing how you think? God is calling you to a new level of personal freedom. Have the courage to take action and invest in your future today.