Anger, Taming Your Wild Side 2 DVD set & Workbook

Video Training Series for personal or group study

Take control of your anger

We all get angry. We're born with it. But we are responsible for what we do with it.



Do you express your anger outwardly.


Or inwardly




Do you overreact?

Is anger destroying your marriage, children or career?

Would you like to conquer your anger so people would actually want to be around you?

God has given you the tools to bring anger under control so it will no longer disrupt your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Yes, it will be a new you

Imagine what it will be like to stay calm in the face of events that previously upset you. People will seek your advice rather than run from your rants. They will admire your maturity and self control. Your marriage and home life will be transformed.

No, this is not impossible. With God's help, you can do it!


Anger, taming your wild sideIn this 2 disk DVD teaching series Anger, taming your wild side, you will take the 8 steps which will set you free from unhealthy anger.

This series is unique

This is not a course to give you more head knowledge about anger management.

This series is designed to give you a supernatural, healing encounter with the power of God to transform your life.

The most important part of each step is the healing prayer that we will do together, when you give God permission to speak to you personally. He’s the only one who can set you free from your anger habit.

There’s a Workbook

Inside disk one, there is a 28 page (.pdf) workbook for personal or group study that contains discussion questions that review the important points of each step. You can print as many copies of the workbook as you need.

Each session is under 22 minutes so there is lots of time for discussion and prayer in a home group or Sunday School setting.

Here are the 8 steps

1. Do I get angry and How to hear the voice of God

2. Why did God give us anger?

3. Why do we get angry?

4. How do we express anger?

5. Why is anger so dangerous?

6. How can anger be controlled?

7. How can we prevent anger?

8. The power of forgiveness


And there’s no risk to you

If you are not completely satisfied with Anger, taming your wild side you can return it to me within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Are you ready to be transformed?

God is calling you to a new level of personal freedom from anger.

Have the courage to take action and invest in your future today.

Start now for just $68.00 plus shipping

6 comments on “Anger, Taming Your Wild Side 2 DVD set & Workbook

  1. Michelle on

    Grant’s anger series is fantastic! It has really helped me understand the reasons behind anger and why people use it. That insight has helped me respond much more constructively when dealing with angry people in my life. The lessons in the DVD’s are easy to understand and make for fantastic conversation topics. I would thoroughly recommend the series to everyone – not just those who struggle with being angry, but also those who find themselves on the receiving end. The set is an amazing platform for God’s healing.

  2. David Vermilya on

    We just finished showing the new Anger video teachings. Had 75 people signed up when I was expecting only 40 to 50. Great discussions and open Q&A time. Wonderful feedback. This is something everyone should watch and learn. A great investment. Thank you! – Dave Vermilya Gethsemane Prayer Ministries

  3. Toni Schrank on

    Amazing- Most concise message on anger ( christian perspective) that I have ever heard. It did cover from passive to explosive anger and we could identify and address the areas we needed to work on and get healed! Even if you do not think you struggle from anger I would highly recommend it anyway.!! Awesome!

  4. Céline Bennett on

    This anger series has helped my family with head knowledge and supernatural healing. Now this is not something you just try! Warning, in my case things got worse for about 3 months But the rewards are wonderful, GO for IT! I thank my God!

  5. Mo Snyman on

    So so glad i found this!! This series was better than i thought!! Really worth getting it & applying it to your life. I thank God for this. Will tell everyone I can about this as well! Thank you so much!


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