Anger, Taming your Wild Side

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Take control of your anger

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Video Training Series for personal or group study

Do you have a problem with anger? Do your overreactions cause embarrassment to you or your family? Do people avoid you due to your volatility? Your anger may be eroding your marriage, relationships and career.

Would you like to calm the storm inside and bring the anger under control?

We all get angry. We’re born with it. But we are responsible for what we do with it. God has given you the tools to bring anger under control so it will no longer disrupt your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Imagine what it will be like to stay calm in the face of events that previously upset you. People will seek your advice rather than run from your rants. They will admire your maturity and self control. Your marriage and home life will be transformed.

No, this is not impossible. With God’s help, you can do it!

In this 2 disk DVD teaching series Anger, taming your wild side, you will take the 8 steps which will set you free from unhealthy anger.

Here are the topics we’ll cover together:
Why do I get angry?
Why did God give us anger?
What ways do we express anger?
Why is anger so dangerous?
How can anger be controlled?
How can we prevent anger?
The power of forgiveness

This is not a course to give you more head knowledge about anger management. This series is designed to give you a supernatural, healing encounter with the power of God to transform your life. That experience will Change how you think.

Inside disk one, there is a 28 page (.pdf) workbook for personal or group study that contains discussion questions that review the important points of each step. You can print as many copies of the workbook as you need.

Each session is under 22 minutes so there is lots of time for discussion and prayer in a home group or Sunday School setting.

God is calling you to a new level of personal freedom from anger. Have the courage to take action and invest in your future today.


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