Burnout, Rekindle the Flame

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Speed your recovery from burnout

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Are you tired, bored, frustrated and angry? Have you lost your enthusiasm and vision for ministry leadership?
Do you feel like a machine just going through the motions? Would you like to regain your first love and enjoy your ministry again?

You may be in ministry burnout and you are not alone. Burnout is an epidemic problem that people are too embarrassed to talk about. I saw it many times in my clinic, that’s why I created this video.

In this presentation you will learn the many causes and signs of burnout. You will also discover the steps to recover from burnout and prevent it from happening again.

Imagine how it will feel when God leads you out of the fog of burnout and rekindles the flame for ministry leadership that you once knew so well.

This video will help restore you by Changing the way you think about your relationship with God and ministry.