Depression, The Path to Recovery

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Get a better understanding of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder

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Would you like to know more about depression and how mood disorders affect Christians? Would you like to be able to help friends and loved ones who are suffering?

Too many Christians are confused and misinformed about the nature and treatment of mental illnesses. They are also very suspicious of psychiatric treatments, so many are suffering needlessly from correctable conditions. I was a mental health physician for 25 years, so I understand how difficult it is for Christians to understand problems of thinking and feeling.

With this 2 disc set you can watch a series of 10 TV interviews where I explain a Christian understanding of mental health issues. By using clear and simple explanations along with illustrations, I remove the mystery and stigma surrounding mood disorders in Christians.

You will learn how to use the simple diagnostic tools that I designed for the early detection and treatment of depression and other mood disorders. You will be able to tell if you or a loved one is suffering from a mood disorder. You will be able to accurately explain your symptoms to your doctor and understand how medications work.

This set has become the most popular product we have on depression. These interviews triggered the largest viewer response in the history of the TV program.

With these videos you will have the tools to help yourself or a suffering loved one return to full health. It will Change how you think about mental health.