Fear, When Trust is Lost


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How to stop worrying

Do you struggle with worry, fear and anxiety?
It’s amazing how much time we spend on such an unpleasant activity that makes absolutely no difference to the outcome of events.

Why is fear such a common problem?
Is there any way to stop it?
Dr. Mullen will give you the tools to overcome and take control of the fears that disrupt your life.

The ultimate cure for worry

In this presentation, Dr. Mullen gives you the tools to overcome and shut off the worries and fears that disrupt your life.

Worry, fear and anxiety are the most common emotional and mental health problems that torment our minds. We’ve all experienced it and know how unpleasant it is. Humans will do anything to avoid fear. Many people spend their entire lives running from fear. There are many dysfunctional human behaviors that are a direct result of fear.

With the information in this presentation, you will be able to recognize and defuse the sources of your worry so you can walk to freedom.

The three parts to worry

In this entertaining and informative session, Dr. Mullen explains that there are three parts to humans, body, personality and spirit. In each of these parts we can have sources of  fear.


In our body, we can have anxiety disorders. These are chemical imbalances, much like depression. When you have an anxiety disorder you just can’t stop worrying. The mind just keeps on playing anxious thoughts like a broken record. Dr. Mullen explains how medical treatment can help correct the imbalance and shut off the unwanted thoughts.


Your personality may have been damaged by fear in childhood. If you were raised in a fearful home then you were likely taught to be afraid of everything. Dr. Mullen explains how childhood experiences shape adult emotions. He then explains how you can do a personal inventory of your past to see if you have been shaped by fear.


In the spirit realm, there are unseen forces that want to frighten you by inserting unwanted thoughts into your mind. Dr. Mullen shows you how to detect those thoughts and block them.

In this presentation, Dr. Mullen shares the knowledge and insights he has gained from over 25 years of clinical experience treating anxious people.

The best part is at the conclusion when you can join Dr. Mullen in prayers to be released from fear.

Stop worrying!

You don’t have to continue suffering with fear.

Get this practical and easy to understand solution to worry, fear and anxiety by adding it to your shopping cart. You will then have the tools to help yourself or an anxious friend break free from the stronghold of fear.

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6 comments on “Fear, When Trust is Lost

  1. Name withheld on

    Last year I had a very difficult time dealing with past abuse from my childhood. I was sent to a counsellor to get some help and it was here that I saw two of your DVD’s on the bookshelf. I had never heard of your ministry before however the DVD on Fear when trust is lost had an amazing impact on my life and for the first time ever I was able to forgive the man who abused me. Thank you for helping me to deal with this painful part of my life and provide me with Biblical ways of dealing with it all.

  2. from Newfoundland on

    I purchased the “Breaking Free Starter Kit” a couple of months ago. I only just recently got into it, mostly out of desperation….I made a decision to cancel my tv cable as I spend way too many hours when not working just getting lost into the world of tv avoiding my problems….
    The day I cancelled I started to watch the video on “Fear”, and am finding inner healing and peace like never before. I’ve had to watch the dvd’s several times because sometimes I would have to stop and do other things.
    The prayer at the end was powerful and I found the Holy Spirit ministering to my inner pain.
    I am very open about discussing depression and I have found that even co-workers confide in me about their secret pain. The stigma is what keeps people silent but ministries like yours is breaking down the wall of shame and guilt and opening of door of freedom that is life changing….
    Thank you for being you!

  3. Elizabeth on

    I am a lady aged 78 years, my daughter had attended your seminar and bought your DVD’s. I watched the one entitled Fear – When Trust Is Lost. What a relief to finally understand the root cause of all my anxiety and panic attacks. For over 50 years I have struggled with my fears and anxieties (all resulting from our experiences during the German occupation of Holland) in every aspect of my life. The DVD so simply brought everything into focus and understanding. After prayer ministry I am working on turning around lifetime behaviour patterns but I am free from the debilitating attacks that constantly plagued my everyday activities and lifestyle. My husband states that watching just one DVD has done me the power of good and strengthened my faith. Thank you so much.

  4. tom on

    I don’t understand how you can say that your spirit could have a source of fear. The spirit of a born again is perfect, it doesn’t worry …. The new spirit has the same nature as the Holy Spirit as in John 3:6 which says that the Spirit gives birth to spirit.

  5. Bobby Patsauq on

    I had been dealing with shame that i got when about 10 yrs old and younger but your teaching is sound and based on the teachings of the Bible so I had have moods change for the better after attending your week-end teachings at our services up north. Very helpful for my journey.


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