Finding Self Acceptance

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If you can’t accept yourself then you won’t be able to accept anyone else

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How do you feel about yourself? Did you just come up with a long list of weaknesses and failures? If you did, then you may have a problem with self acceptance.

Don’t beat yourself up over that too. Most of us have the same problem. We don’t feel as good as other people because of our many defects, deficiencies and history of failures. It’s a painful way to live and it’s not God’s will for you.

Self acceptance is such an important issue because if you can’t accept yourself, you won’t be able to accept anyone else. This is a huge block to healthy relationships with others and even with God.

It’s not your fault. Lack of self acceptance results primarily from events in childhood that you had no control over. If you were bullied or treated poorly at home, you would have believed many lies about yourself that hurt your self esteem and self image.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay this way. Jesus is waiting to heal your heart and reveal your true identity. Only he knows who you really are deep inside and the wonderful destiny he has planned for you.

In this video you will uncover the lies that you’ve been believing since childhood that have caused you to reject yourself. Then you will experience the love of Jesus to reveal how he sees you and this will replace the lies with God’s truth about you. When you know who you really are in God’s eyes, then you can accept yourself.

Change how you think about yourself and see your relationships transformed.