Finding Self Acceptance


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Do you need more self confidence?

Have you ever wondered how to get more of it?

Why are people so self conscious, defensive and oversensitive?
What happened to our self esteem?

In this presentation, Dr. Mullen will explain what causes these common human characteristics and how finding self acceptance can release you from these traps.

Why is self acceptance so important?

If you can’t accept yourself then you won’t be able to accept anyone else.
You will always feel weak and insecure.
Now you will be able to stop living this way.

What were your teen years like?

Adolescence is the critical time for self acceptance. If you had a difficult time in your teens, you may still be struggling with self acceptance.
Let Dr. Mullen show you how to successfully pass through emotional adolescence into self acceptance.

Your true or false self?

You will learn how to tell if your personality is based on a true or false view of yourself.
When you are living out of your false self, you will always be tense and struggling with relationships.

Your questions answered

  • Why have so few people found self acceptance?
  • Why is lack of self acceptance dangerous?
  • What is the difference between your true and false self?
  • Why are fathers so important in adolescence?
  • What does “dying to self” really mean?
Dr. Mullen will lead you through the steps to find and accept your true self.

At the conclusion, you can join him in prayers to release you from your past and launch your future.

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3 comments on “Finding Self Acceptance

  1. Prue Williams, Adelaide, South Australia on

    From Adelaide Australia
    As I was listening to you cd on “Finding Self Acceptance” I had for quite some time a yearning deep within me to want to know “Am I Ok”. You answered my hearts cry that it’s normal for me to have this need and that I am ok. You also talked about marriage where the wife is looked upon by her husband as a Jezebel. Even though I am divorced from him now, this still affected me deep down within me. I want you to know I got set free from that lie because you spoke the truth into my heart. Since then Gods presence has increased more and for the first time I have experienced His embrace. Thank you so much that this lie and others have been exposed with such simple truths and with the heart of the Father who loves us.

  2. JanetC on

    I think that I struggle with accepting myself, because I continually beat myself up for my mistakes I’ve made, and I am far too dependent on the approval of others.
    I’ve got to focus on the love and acceptance I receive from God, His people, and my own close family and friends.
    I’m not perfect, but then, none of us are.
    Sounds like a very relevant CD!


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