Forgiveness, the gateway to freedom by Kathy Mullen

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Are you tired of living in the past?

Would you like to be free of the painful memories that creep into your mind every day?

Does it drive you crazy that the faces, voices and actions of people who hurt you keep popping up in your thoughts?

Do you lie awake thinking about what they did to you and then go over and over what you should have done differently at the time?

Are you angry at them and frustrated that you can never get even?

Sure you’ve tried pushing those thoughts out by being busy, taking vacations, volunteering for everything or setting huge goals for yourself. You may have even tried drinking or smoking them away.

But it doesn’t work

Whenever you are alone or on the pillow, the faces reappear and the movie starts again.

Those painful memories are not quietly stored in the library of your mind. They are dangerous weeds with roots that grow upwards to squeeze and control your thoughts.

Forgiveness the gateway to freedom

Imagine what it would be like without them

No longer would their voices keep you awake. You could relax knowing that there were no more scores to keep or revenge plots to plan. Your thoughts would be free to go where you want them, no longer pulled backwards by the hook of a bitter root. Your smiles would be genuine and your relationships so much more enjoyable.

You would be a prisoner set free!

So what are you waiting for?
This is a free gift to all Christians when you pass through the gate called Forgiveness

This problem is so common and disabling that Kathy Mullen recorded Forgiveness, the gateway to freedom. In this one hour presentation she answers the following questions and many more.

• So what is forgiveness?
• What does it do for me?
• Can I forgive myself?
• Isn’t it just letting them off the hook when they really are guilty?
• Do I have to speak to them?
• What if they won’t apologize?
• Do I have to reconcile with them or go back into a relationship?
• What if I just can’t do it?

The most important part of the presentation is when Kathy leads you in powerful prayers of forgiveness that will release you into new levels of personal freedom and inner peace.

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2 comments on “Forgiveness, the gateway to freedom by Kathy Mullen

  1. Rhonda, Christchurch, New Zealand on

    Healing through forgiveness!
    My husband and I were recently at your seminar in Christchurch.
    You told about neck and back pain being healed by forgiveness and prayer.
    My husband gave me a dig in the ribs as if to say – this is for you and I agreed.
    About twenty years ago I received an injury to my neck and back from a weight landing on my head and damaging my vertebrae.
    I have had problems and much pain and treatment for the years that followed. I was in pain the day you led us all through prayer and I forgave the other person (it wasnt their fault) and myself for the accident and the pain left and has not come back.
    I have then gone on to receive another miraculous healing last Sunday evening for my knee and all the other parts that the injury had affected, by praying through some issues and asking Gods forgiveness. The Lord gave my counsellor some verses for me from Hebrews 12 v 7… Then I received prayer and was instantly healed.
    The surgeon who was to operate this week cancelled the surgery after examining me and my physio, who is not a believer but as he put it”usually a man of science” but could find no eexplanation for what had happened, could find nothing wrong with me. He has been treating me for many months and was finding it hard to know how to help me.
    Thank you for coming to NZ and for being faithful to the Lord in your Ministry.
    God Bless

  2. Tina Peters on

    i have a new ministry position to women and it requires driving to unfamiliar towns, getting through traffic. I was so desperatly fearful of driving and getting lost although I have a GPS but that is not always the best route I need to take. I also have more public speaking to prepare for which has become easier in the last 2 years as a Toastmaster. as I was anxiously getting nowhere with my preparation due to this fear, a Christian friend called me (out of the blue) and she soon discovered that i was in a panic. she said fear is a spirit that is from the enemy and if i have someone in my life that I have not forgiven the enemy has a legal right to invade me. she gave me a list of possible fears for me to pick the ones that I had. the next day she called. I was able to name the unforgiveness and consiously forgive the persons and myself; she prayed through each of the fears kicked it out and closed the door. there was a spirit of fear and pride that was hindering me from living in freedom. Ironically I was leading a group Bible Study by Grace Fox called Moving from Fear to Freedom. 2 days later i drove to the Event, presented my study with the women and it was amazing what happened. I had confidence to drive and speak and the results among the women was so rewarding.


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