Forgiveness, The Gateway to Freedom

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Forgiveness is the key to your emotional freedom

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Are you tired of living in the past, reliving in your mind all the ways you were hurt and offended? Would you like to be free of the anger and pain so you could get on with your life unhindered by memories? Has the root of bitterness grown into a large tree with ugly fruit?

I understand, forgiveness isn’t easy. They really did sin against you. They are guilty. They deserve to be punished. It’s not fair.

Here’s the key. Forgiveness doesn’t let them off the hook. They are still guilty. Forgiveness lets you off the hook! No longer will you be chained to them and those memories. You will walk free and leave all the pain behind!

Imagine what that will be like. No longer will the memories keep you awake. You will relax knowing there are no more scores to settle. Your mind will be peaceful and your spirit lighter as the sun comes back out over your life. You will be a prisoner set free!

In this video, Kathy Mullen will lead you through the gateway of forgiveness into a new life of freedom. She will help you Change how you think about past hurts that will set you free.