Freedom from Codependency

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Stop being emotionally dependent on others

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Would you like to have great relationships? Would you like to be free from depending on others for your happiness? Would you like to feel better about yourself so you can have healthy, giving relationships?

Codependency happens when you are depending on another person to meet your emotional needs of meaning and significance. That creates an unhealthy, taking relationship. It is a result of painful past events which damaged your self esteem and confidence, causing you to need to lean on someone else for emotional support.

This is a very common problem in marriage. In fact, this was the root cause of the marriage crisis that Kathy and I experienced that is described in the video Our Will, a testimony of healing.

In this video you will learn how to tell if you’re codependent and then how God wants to set you free from unhealthy, taking, codependent relationships. Your relationships can be transformed into healthy, giving relationships when you take the steps in the video. That’s what saved our marriage!

When you watch the video, you will understand how to Change how you think about your relationships.