Freedom Now!

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Use your spiritual authority to set yourself free

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Do you have habits or thought patterns that you don’t like but can’t get control of? Do you hate how you overreact to some situations? Are you frustrated with your failed attempts to change your behavior and way of thinking.

You’re not alone. A lot of Christians feel exactly the same way. These problems are very common but everyone is ashamed to admit it or talk about it. So they stay stuck.

There are many factors contributing to these problems like depression or childhood emotional trauma. But there is another factor that most people don’t talk about…spiritual attack. In my clinic I saw first hand how my patients were being attacked. That’s how I learned about spiritual warfare.

The enemy loves to influence your thoughts and attack your mind. He knows that when he can influence your thoughts, he can steer your emotions and behavior. Creepy isn’t it? How long are you going to put up with it?

You need supernatural help. Only Jesus can set you free from spiritual attack. He has given you spiritual weapons to defend yourself and break off spiritual chains. The good news is that there is no extra charge for freedom. It was all prepaid at Calvary.

In this video you will hear how I was unexpectedly thrown into a spiritual battle. You will learn how to use your spiritual authority to Change how you think.

Jesus is waiting to set you free. Watch the video and then give him permission.


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