God Speaks!

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With this five part video series, you will learn how to hear God’s voice and then step into a new conversational relationship with him.

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DVD Video Training Series for personal or group study


Would you like such a close relationship with God that you can hear his voice and know when he’s speaking to you?

But do you get frustrated when you hear people talking about what God told them but you never hear anything? It can make you feel like a second class Christian. Do you sometimes think, “Why would God speak to them and not to me? Maybe he’s angry at me for all my failures.”

I know how that feels. I felt that way for much of my adult life. I decided that God only spoke to “professional” Christians and not to the common folk like us in the pews. The problem was (and still is), no one taught you or me how to hear God’s voice. When we heard nothing, we gave up trying and assumed he wasn’t speaking to us.

Now I know how wrong I was!

God is always speaking to his children. We just have to learn how to recognize his voice. When I discovered that truth, I learned how to hear and it revolutionized my relationship with God.

And the best news is… it’s much easier than you think!

In this five part video series, you will learn the ways God speaks, how to recognize his voice and how to test what you’ve heard to know if it really was from God.

You will learn:
God is speaking to you all the time
How to be in God’s presence
How God speaks
What makes it hard to hear God’s voice
How to recognize God’s voice

Your quiet time will come alive as you begin two way conversations with Jesus. It will be so much easier to sense his presence when you know you can talk with him any time of the day or night. Your relationship with God will go from a dull intellectual one, to an exciting adventure with your loving Dad. It’s the life you were made for and the life God is calling you to right now.

Inside disk one, there is a 15 page (.pdf) workbook for personal or group study that contains discussion questions that review the important points of each step. You can print as many copies of the workbook as you need.

Why wait any longer? Order God Speaks and Change how you think about your relationship with God.