Master Your Shame Workshop


How to be healed from inferiority and shame


Are you tired of feeling you don’t measure up?
Have you spent too many years thinking you were inferior to others?
Would you like to stop beating yourself up over past failures and hiding who you really are?

Then it’s time to remove the mask of shame that you’ve been wearing for too long.

Jesus came to take your sins AND your shame.
He wants you to begin seeing yourself the way he does and discover your true identity.

It’s time to start feeling good about the person you really are.

To come out from under the cloud of inferiority, you need to find out why you feel this way.
When you uncover the sources of these thoughts, you can replace them with God’s truth of who you really are and be set free.

In the 90 minute Master Your Shame Workshop, you will understand how shame begins and how to hand it all over to Jesus.
You will be a different person and feel so much lighter!

You will discover:
The difference between true and false shame.
The many ways we try to protect ourselves from shame.
How to tell if you are suffering with shame.
How shame starts and is maintained in your life.
How Jesus really feels about you.
How to begin your journey of healing from shame.

At the end of the 1 hour presentation, there is a 30 minute Q&A to get the most common questions answered.

If you have any questions, contact me at [email protected]

Hope you will join me at the workshop.
Grant Mullen M.D.

P.S. Don’t suffer needlessly any longer. Join the workshop and begin or accelerate your walk to mental, emotional and spiritual freedom.