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A Christian understanding of depression, anxiety and mood swings

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Are you struggling with your moods? Is it hard to shut your mind off from negative or anxious thoughts? Would you like to have a peaceful mind with only the thoughts that you choose?

You are not alone. Up to 15% of the population feels the same way. That’s why I changed my career to focus on Christian mental health for 25 years.

There is a lot of confusion about the causes and treatments of mental health problems among Christians. Some of the most common questions I’ve been asked are these:
Are depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder (the mood disorders) medical, spiritual or emotional problems?
Are they a result of a weak faith, sin or bad parenting?
Is the solution to have more faith, deliverance, counselling or medications?
What treatments are safe for Christians?

In this video you will find the answers that remove all the mystery and confusion about mood disorders.

You will be given the tools to tell if you or a loved one is suffering from depression, anxiety or mood swings and then know what to do about it.

Don’t suffer needlessly any longer. Order the video and find out how to Change how you think.