Our Will, A Testimony of Healing

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Don’t let passivity rob you of your destiny!

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God has pre-planned a wonderful destiny for your life that he wants you to enjoy. But he needs an active participant to achieve those amazing goals.

Through the course of your life you’ve probably experienced many discouraging setbacks that have eroded your hopes and dreams for the future. Many times you’ve been tempted to give up even trying. Those are the frustrating experiences that lead to passivity.

Passivity will disable your will and rob you of your courage to step into God’s destiny for your life.

Kathy struggled with passivity for many years until we hit a crisis in our marriage. Then she had to come face to face with her broken will that was blocking our recovery.

In this video, Kathy explains how our marriage slid into a crisis and how through the healing of her will, our marriage was restored.

Don’t stay stuck in neutral! Change how you think and allow God to heal your will and step into his destiny for your life.