Shame, Our Hidden Torment

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Are you wearing a mask?

Do you feel like a loser and need to hide?
Are you always comparing yourself to people who make you feel inadequate?
Do you strive for unreachable goals and impossible standards?
Do you often feel dumb, stupid, worthless and defective?
Do you feel like you don't belong anywhere?
You may be living with the wounds of shame.
In this two disk set, I will show you how to tell if your life has been damaged by shame and how to be set free from it.
Shame, our hidden torment

Shame is a very common emotional injury that damages all relationships.

It usually starts in childhood but reaches full force in adults.
There are many defensive behaviors that people use to hide shame.
In this two disk set, you will learn the most common shame based behaviors of individuals and families so you can determine if your life is being controlled by shame.

Disk One

How shame affects your personality and relationships

Understand how shame can damage your personality.
You will be able to see how shame develops in childhood and is then carried on into adulthood.
Learn how to spot the masks that we wear to protect ourselves from the pain of shame.
You will understand why we no longer have to compete with and compare ourselves to others.

You will also see how God wants to heal your emotional injuries, remove the lies that you believe about yourself and set you free from shame.


You will get answers to the most common questions I get asked about shame:

  • Why do we often feel like losers?
  • What is true shame and false shame?
  • Where does shame come from?
  • What do shame-filled people look like?
  • How does shame damage relationships?
  • How do we hide our shame?
  • How can we be healed from shame?

Disk Two

How families teach shame

You'll be able to recognize what shame damaged families look like and how they teach shame to their children.
When you have been raised in a shame based environment, you just consider it normal to be shamed and to shame someone else.

We teach shame to our children

This leads to dysfunctional relationships in adulthood.
Families wear masks just like individuals do.

You will learn the rules that govern shame damaged families to keep the family secrets.
You will see how we carry family patterns of dysfunction into our adult lives.

Churches can teach shame too

You will learn what shame damaged churches look like and how they can damage those that attend.

You will also get answers to these questions:

  • How do families and churches teach shame?
  • Why do we live in hiding?
  • What do shame-filled families look like?
  • Why are feelings considered dangerous?
  • How can family loyalty become destructive?
  • Can churches cause shame?
  • How can we be healed from shame?

Together we will walk through the path of healing from the damage of shame filled families and churches.

The best part

The best part is at the conclusion of each disk when you can join me in powerful prayers to heal your wounds from shame.

At the end of this DVD set you can tear off your mask, stand tall and declare I am not a loser!

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