The Breakthrough Solution

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Do the people at work drive you crazy? Why are some people so hard to manage and work with? Are human resources the weakest link in the corporate supply chain?

The Breakthrough Solution takes you on a fascinating, unpredictable and humorous journey of corporate investigation to find out why a cutting edge technology company is failing. Through the eyes of Bill Spencer, corporate trouble shooter, you will explore the many departments of this company where dysfunctional managers have undermined the productivity and profitability of the organization. You will recognize many people who you have worked with, perhaps even yourself.

After reaching the conclusion that the company can’t be salvaged, Spencer meets Peter Wilson, the only Vice President with a profitable division. Through interviews and observation, Spencer uncovers a radically different management style which has unlocked the potential in people and led to soaring productivity. The final report leads to a surprise ending that will encourage even the most frustrated supervisor or employee.

Not only will you better understand the puzzle of human behavior at work but The Breakthrough Solution will give you practical, easy to use keys that you can start using right away to turn your organization around.

This light-hearted story shows how paying attention to people’s mental and emotional health is one of the best ways to unleash their power and potential. This is a fun read with an important message. Highly recommended.
Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level