Do I need medications for my mood?


How can you tell if you have a chemical imbalance depression needing medications, or if you are just discouraged about life events? This video will tell you how to assess yourself. Click now and find out.

Moods, what Christians should know about mood disorders

To gain a Christian understanding of mood disorders and psychiatry, download the DVD Moods, what Christians should know about depression, anxiety and mood swings. You will learn how mood disorders affect Christians in a unique way, how to assess yourself and how the treatments work. It will remove the stigma and misunderstanding that Christians so often have to live with. Just click here for more information and a 5 minute preview.

2 comments on “Do I need medications for my mood?

  1. Mariea Hudson on

    I had a copy of the book moods but can’t find it. I have also read several times and underlined specific passages and Dr.Mullens appearanceon 100 huntley Street and the subsequent reading of his book and showing it to my family Dr. is how I was diagnosed with Depression in the first place. Thank you Dr. Mullens for all of your help.


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