Are emotions important?

I wish they would just go away!

I know what you’re thinking as you open to this page, “Not another Christian web site on emotional recovery. Could it ever help me?

You are probably asking yourself if this site could ever assist you with the emotional struggles that you have lived with most of your life and never had victory over. Many of you have grown tired of all the Christian self help books that promise to “set you free” but have left you unchanged. You’re ashamed to admit that you are no better after consuming so many books, tapes and seminars. You feel guilt, condemnation and shame that you are somehow to blame for your state of brokenness.

Don’t talk about it

The Christian community (and society in general) has usually been reluctant to address emotional issues, since there has been such limited understanding of the nature of emotional bondage. Those who have competence and experience in this area have often been shunned and marginalized by a skeptical church. They have been forced to become “parachurch” organizations since the established churches were too afraid to make this ministry a regular part of their program. As a result, the life giving ministry of those involved in emotional healing has only been available to those who sought for it outside the church.

Emotionally Free

Emotionally Free

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It has been my observation that the church prefers not to discuss or think about emotional issues since it doesn’t understand the problems nor does it have any idea what to do about them.

Maybe it will go away

The church of course can’t teach what it doesn’t know so it avoids the subject. There is a general feeling that if you don’t discuss the issue then it will go away. Emotional issues are too uncomfortable to be discussed or addressed in church or at home so the emotional dysfunction just keeps getting passed on to each generation. Emotions become an avoided subject like sexuality or even financial planning. The result of this approach is easily observed in the anti Christian rebellion by the teenagers of cold, rigid, religious families.

Emotions are important

Emotions are one of the three fundamental God given building blocks of our personalities. The other building blocks are intelligence and will. To function at the level of wholeness that God intends for us, we must be healthy in all three areas. If our emotions are damaged, we will not function at the level our intelligence or will would permit. If we have a defective foundation, we can never build a stable life on top of it.

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit,”
Proverbs 15:13.

It is not hard to see that when an extremely gifted and intelligent person has damaged emotions, they will have a lifetime of struggle and never reach their potential. Gifting, talent, ability, wealth, status, beauty, fame or even Godly anointing cannot cover up or cure damaged emotions. If a person is emotionally unwell, it will be their “Achilles heel,” an opportunity for Satan to limit or even destroy the use of their other abilities. This can be seen both in the secular and spiritual worlds since all humans have this characteristic in common. Anyone who has worked in a personnel department will know that emotional stability is every bit as important in the workplace as intelligence and skill. We often see in the media that a highly talented and gifted athlete, actor or even evangelist can ruin their career through emotional instability.

Our success in work, family and in ministry is dependent on our emotional health whether we want to admit it or not.

This article is excerpted from “Emotionally Free” by Dr. Grant Mullen

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