So you want to be transformed?

Welcome to part one of the four part self assessment course that’s free to all new subscribers.

Each week I’ll give you another step to assess and accelerate your transformation progress.

This week I’ll tell you how to get started so click on the video and we are on our way.

Has the Christian life been harder than you’d expected?

Do you have that unsettled feeling deep inside that something isn’t quite right in your life?

Do you struggle with unwanted thoughts, anger, bitterness, fear and other toxic emotions that you just can’t shut off?

Well you are not alone. In fact, I think you are about average. Having practiced mental health with Christians for 26 years, I know what most believers are struggling with but are ashamed to admit.

You are likely wondering what’s holding you back from the life of victory that you were promised? Have you been asking yourself, “What’s wrong?”

Are you tired of being told to just be joyful and put it all behind you when you know you can’t? Has your life become like a prison with no way out? If this describes you, then you are ready for a transformation experience.

Where do I start?

I was astonished at the beginning of my career with the level of emotional pain among Christians. I decided to find out what was going wrong and how God wanted to help us. Through that search God showed me how and why Christians were struggling and the open door he has placed before us to walk to freedom.

God showed me that there were 3 parts to humans, body, personality and spirit. Transformation needs to take place in each part if we are going to be emotionally free. Just click on the video and I’ll explain.

So if you want to get started right away and can’t wait for part 2 coming next week then have a look at some of the resources we have to help you with transformation.

Start exploring here:

Personal coaching appointments are available online or by phone. I will answer your questions and help you assess yourself in mind, personality and spirit. Then we will create a plan to walk you through the transformation process.

Emotionally FreeEmotionally Free – The book is divided into 3 parts, mind, spirit and personality. In each part it explains the problems that are often present, how they affect you and how to overcome them.




The Breakthrough Solution The Breakthrough Solution – Do you have non Christian friends that you would like to introduce to the process of healing and transformation? In this short secular comedy, I introduce the 3 steps to emotional freedom without being overtly Christian. It’s a great way to start a conversation with a friend.



Starting your journey to recoveryDVD/CD/Direct Download Starting your journey to recovery

Understand the 3 parts to humans and how to escape from the 3 links in the chain of emotional bondage. Join in in healing prayers at the conclusion. Watch 5 minute preview.

Q&A video
My life is a constant struggle and I want to improve. Where do I start?

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In the next 3 weeks I’ll show you how to assess your body (mind) personality and spirit.

If you have questions, just click on Contact us.

Talk to you then,


14 comments on “So you want to be transformed?

  1. Ethel Brattberg on

    I do know someone who this applies to. I see that person in the mirror every morning. I am in the place where God is not finished with me yet.

  2. Janet Dolan on

    I look into the mirror and I see a woman who is greatly loved by her savior, just the way I am, right here right now. I also know that I am greatly flawed and will be until I go to be with my maker. I am greatful for people like Dr. Grant Mullens that can help me through that process. Thanks Grant. janet

  3. Linda Brown on

    I always try to fix me to be a better person and a god person..There is some thing stuck between my saviour and me..I left my first church and my friends and work in most part because I needed to be real..I had just finished a group study ..The book was Larry Crabb’s Inside Out .. He taught me that “there is no room in heaven for pretence”..i have been working on this since 1999!! I did look just like that Christian with the jacket over my baggage!!
    God has blessed me through 100 Huntley Street and DR. Grant Mullen!! I will become a big threat to Satan!! Look out because I am not letting go!! I will be real and When I look happy in church I really will be happy!! I will not lie!! I am a tree that will not be cut down and throwen into the fire!! My roots are searching for the nourishment that is in God’s word…Thank you and God bless..

  4. Brian on

    Dr Grant thanks for al your posetive statements and transformation that us us as children of God must follow to be transformed –the ten steps I will be able to come back to you –thank you for the longer period time May you and everyone experience the H oly Spirit daily


  5. suzanna meyer on

    Dr.Grant,I am happy that you have this program.i will be honest with you.i have no desire to be transformed in any other way than as i am transf0rmed right now,walking with God through the Holy Spirit who lives in me.i love Jesus with a deep deep love and i am looking forward to being with God and all the other family.I am 89,90 in june.I have traveled a long and often hard way,even through post-partum psychosis and child hood damage ,resulting in emotional damage.
    God adopted me as his daughter and has been the Father I needed.I live in obedience to him and love for him.He has blessed me with a sense of humor and creativity and I asked him some years ago to giveme a heart of flesh instead the stone one and he did.Now i can cry and laugh and love with contentment.I am blessed.

  6. Kristine Lmorand on

    New Testament is Grace & truth by Jesus. Beleiving grace is unmerited favor. Gods goodness leads us to repentance. He blesses us first and then supplies all what we need. Focus on this while we were ungodly he gave his best-his beloved son for us. Jesus took and paid FOR all of our sins to the cross ONCE and FOR ALL for all of us. PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE SIN PAID paid for ETERNALLY FORGIVEN. Focus on forgiveness. Jesus took all guilt all shame all of Gods wrath and His judgement upon Jesus hanging on the cross. This is FREEDOM.THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS. This leads us to right believing- leading us to right living. The Law demands cause us to focus on sin. Which promotes sin CONSCIENCE to increase sin guilt and shame for missing the mark & demands placing repentance first before receiving a blessing-performance. The old covenant rooted in fear. But we have a much better promise. Meaning we don’t have to earn his favor. We have Jesus did IT IS FINISHED AND JESUS SAT DOWN BECAUSE IT WAS DONE!
    Grace supplies blessing rich radically propels and brings a eager heart to repentance-repentance thankfulness leading to transformation. Rooted in love!

  7. Don on

    Hi Dr Grant,

    I am 64, a bit late in life to be born again, but better late than never!

    I was baptised in the Atlantic Ocean, a wonderful experience that engendered a feeling of great joy and peacefulness, which I am able to recreate whenever I call on the Holy Spirit to let me know he is there within me.

    However, there is a but. I have asked Our Lord, and the Holy Spirit, in my prayers, to show me what God wants me to do to praise and glorify him in the time I have left on earth, but I cannot hear, feel or detect any answer to that prayer.

    I do not want the years of my last decades to slip away as my pre Christian years have done wihout following God’s plan for me. It is so frustrating.

  8. bruce h. on

    Dr. Mullen,
    This last video was the best video i’ve seen since exploring your
    website. i was skeptical to have to use the Lord’s money to buy yet another
    christian self help book but your teaching is so practical and clear. Thanks
    for giving your life as a healer for others.

  9. Dr. Grant Mullen on

    Yes. We have it in several formats. There’s the book Emotionally Free.

    There is a 10, 20 minute video series 10 Steps to the New You.

    And the 16 (1 hour) DVDs Transformation Kit.
    No training is required to lead a small group with my resources.
    Email me if you have any questions.
    Grant Mullen


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