The invisible war

Welcome to part four of the four part self assessment course.

In part one you learned that there are three parts to humans, body (mind), spirit and personality. In each of these parts we can have problems that will interfere with the transformation journey.

In part two you learned about physical or mental conditions that interfere with your transformation journey. If you can’t shut your mind off due to depression, anxiety or mood swings it will be very difficult to transform. You now have a self assessment tool for mood disorders and lots of resources to understand them better.

In part three you learned how emotional baggage affects your thoughts, moods, relationships and every other part of your life

This week we will discuss the affects of spiritual conflict on your life.

There is a battle for our minds between light and darkness. We determine who wins each day.
• What tactics does Satan use to trick us?
• Where does he get his ammunition?
• How can we protect ourselves?

If you want victory, click on the video.

Did you know that God has given us weapons to use in the invisible war that’s going on over our heads?
We have access to the most powerful spiritual weapons in the universe. They demolish strongholds.
Would you like to know what these weapons are and how to use them?
Just click on the video and start swinging.

What do I do next?

We are in a war but God has given us the tools to be victorious!
Know your weapons and how to use them. We have lots of resources to help you, have a look.

Personal coaching appointments – are available where we can meet online or by phone. I will answer your questions and discuss any struggles you may be having of a spiritual origin.

Emotionally FreeEmotionally Free – The middle third of the book explains the authority we have as Christians over darkness and how to use it safely for our freedom.



Freedom in Christ ministries
– They have powerful tools that will set you free

DVDs/CDs/direct downloads -watch 5 minute previews online

You have Authority• You Have Authority -know what your authority is and where it came from.



Freedom Now• Freedom Now! A Beginners Guide to Deliverance -know how to use your authority to set yourself and others free.



The Power of Words• The Power of Words -how to break curses and release blessings into your life.



So now you’ve assessed all three parts.

Ask God if there are areas that need work.

If I described you in any of the videos then check out our web site resources. There’s lots of information that can help you live a transformed life.

If you have any questions, just click on Contact us.


9 comments on “The invisible war

  1. Nancy on

    Thanks for these videos. You’ve helped me identify a few things that I didn’t know I needed to pray about…..and I have prayed about them, and have been delivered. Thank you for being obedient to what God has called you to do as a doctor.

  2. madelene on

    I’ve been having an ongoing situation with my neighbours who are almost always drunk.
    last week I had an incident with them and now I can see how satan has been using me to spread gossip about them.
    I have nothing good to say about either of them.
    I get why I need to forgive and bless them because it keeps the enemy from badgering me.
    thanks for the insightful message.

  3. Norma on

    you have reminded me of the things i have already learned, funny how we tend to push those important lessons back so we dont exersize them. and also thankyou for new things, God bless and keep you.

  4. Bobby Patsauq on

    Thank you Dr. Grant for sharing the truth of the matter we all need to face. I’m praying for your ministry as it has impacted my life to the point I no longer desire the things I use to think I can’t do without. Even the wrong desires can evaporate within our hearts if we pray. At least for me it has happened.


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