Can you control your thoughts?

Welcome to part two of the four part self assessment course.

As you recall (I hope), last week we talked about the three parts to humans, body (mind), spirit and personality. In each of these parts we can have problems that will interfere with the transformation journey. In these sessions I will show you how to assess yourself so you will know if there is a problem and what to do about it.

This week we are looking at your mind and how you think.

Your thoughts determine your mood which has profound effects on your activities, attitudes and relationships. If you can’t control your thoughts then you can’t control your moods. Problems of thought and mood control are called mood disorders. I spent most of my career treating mood disorders like depression, anxiety and mood swings so it’s a particular interest of mine.

So the first question I will answer is can these problems happen to Christians?

So mood disorders like depression, anxiety and mood swings are common and they do happen to Christians. Because of the misunderstanding in the church about depression and mental health disorders…

Christians suffer more with shame and condemnation than non Christians.

What is a normal mood? How do I know if I need help? What’s the difference between depression and discouragement? Why does depression wipe you out spiritually? All these questions are answered in the video. Just click.

What do I do next?

We have lots of resources to help you assess yourself for depression, anxiety or mood swings. These resources will also help you understand the conditions so you can help a loved one.

First do the self assessment checklists which you can even take to your doctor. Just click here.

Personal coaching appointments are available where we can meet online or by phone. I will answer your questions about mood disorders and explain the recovery process.

Emotionally FreeEmotionally Free The first third of the book explains the nature and treatment of mood disorders from a Christian perspective and includes the symptom checklists for self assessment. The rest of the book explains problems with our personality and spirit.



Free Q&A videos

Why do I feel so far from God when I’m depressed?
How do I know if I need medications for my mood?
How do I know if my depression has been healed?
How long do I need to stay on antidepressants?
The ultimate cure for worry

Have a look at these DVDs/CDs/direct downloads  – watch 5 minute previews online

Depression, the path to recovery• Depression, The Path to Recovery As 2 disc of 10 TV interviews with Dr. Mullen where he explains a Christian understanding of depression, anxiety and mood swings. Our most popular DVD.


Moods• Moods, what Christians should know about depression, anxiety and mood swings Christians are often very confused and misinformed about the nature and treatment of mental illnesses. They are also very suspicious of psychiatric treatments, so many are suffering needlessly from correctable conditions. This presentation will remove the mystery and confusion about the diagnosis and treatment of depression, anxiety and mood swings.

Fear, when trust is lost• Fear, When Trust is Lost You will get the tools to overcome and take control of the worries and fears that disrupt your life.


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Next week we’ll have a look at what shapes our personality.

If you have questions, just click on Contact us.

Talk to you then,


7 comments on “Can you control your thoughts?

  1. Brenda on

    I really enjoyed listening to this videol It was so true! Feels good to be understood. I’ve been to many, many Dr.’s and have been on every kind of medication. The sad part for me is that they say medication is just not working for me. I’ve also had many, many years of councelling from a lot of different people. So, I am still feeling discouraged. I will still keep watching your videos and read your e-mails.

  2. Lorlie Engbrecht on

    I for one can’t thank you enough for your time here in Brandon, Manitoba. I have been on Seroquil for just about 2 weeks and what a difference. My body is still working through some of the side effects but remembering ‘Be anxious for nothing’ has really helped with the blood pressure. I didn’t know my mind could be so calm or that I could choose what to think like this. I can’t say enough what a relief it is not to work so hard any more on trying not to think negative thoughts. I know I have a ways to go but already I’m noticing a difference…. sleeping all night is so great!!! I’m calmly… excited for what my new future holds! Bless you! I’ve also passed your email on to a few people! Blessings to you and your wife.

  3. Dr. Grant Mullen on

    That’s great news Lorlie. Glad the seminar gave you the courage to take the meds and now you are enjoying the results of treatment. There just isn’t any reason for Christians to be afraid of meds when the results can be so good.
    Now you can enjoy a clear mind and peace.


    Hi Dr. Grant Mullen,

    I finished seeing the videos on controlling your thoughts !

    It is TRUE, I do not want to worship in church and been in and out of churches threw out the years I believe due to my thoughts, depression mood disorder.

    Yes, it is TRUE, I haven’t been Praying often due to lack of concentration and reading the Bible daily!

    The Part of the Series of Videos I do believe is an area that I NEED WORK ON!

    My Pattern of THINKING (THOUGHTS)

    Thank you so much for having your help and videos and Information provided in order to get the proper help.

    I would need pyscho-therapy with my meds BUT my FAMILY DOCTOR believes i don’t need it (Cognitive – behaviour therapy) and wants to wait until FALL.



    Until then God Bless you Doctor Mullen and your Family

    Thank you again for your HELP!


  5. Carol on

    I have heard a Christian leader and Medical Doctor say that people who are depressed and go to the Dr.s office are only looking for sympathy and just trying to get attention.

  6. Dr. Grant Mullen on

    Carol, that is completely untrue.
    In fact it’s a lie that shames Christians and keeps them from seeking help. That lie keeps them bound in their illness.
    I hope my web site and resources will help people see the truth and find freedom.


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