How to affair-proof your marriage

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This saved our marriage!

This week I’m back with Mike Sherbino for part 1 of a 2 part series. We’re talking about issues that will really help you. Among other things, we cover:
How to win the battle for your mind
How to tell if you’re in a healthy relationship
What saved my marriage
How to affair-proof your marriage
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  1. I have really enjoyed the insights that Dr. Mullen has provided in many of his videos. The title of this talk irritated me though because I don’t believe one spouse can affair proof their marriage. It is not just one person’s possession and is not under the control of one person to change. I totally agree that Christian marriage works if each spouse has a personal relationship with God that is marked by obedience to His Word. If one spouse in the marriage decides to disobey God and has an affair, that is their personal choice. The affair is not a result of the faithful spouse’s lack of obedience to God or lack of love or dedication to the marriage. In other words, one spouse cannot affair-proof their marriage. Spouses need to work on their personal relationship with God and on loving each other to affair-proof their marriage together.

    1. Post

      Thanks Amanda, well said. I totally agree. Both spouses have to affair-proof their marriage. I suppose a better title would have been, How to Affair-Proof YOURSELF!

  2. Very powerful and insightful, I had to listen quite a few times to really hear this and take to God in prayer. Thank you so much.

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