It’s time to meet your real dad

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Father’s day can be painful

Not everyone had a great relationship with their dads. That can leave a huge hole in your heart.
It can even distort your view of God.
Don’t leave that hole empty.
Click on the video and meet your real dad.

Now I want to hear from you

What did Jesus tell or show you when you asked? Just leave your story in the box below. It will encourage many.

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  1. When I asked Jesus how he felt about me today I didn’t hear anything because I didn’t have my Bible open and I have done Mark Virkler’s How to hear from God videos several times and I still can’t get answers to questions except by searching the scriptures. I did hear Him call my name out loud once 30 years ago but those videos seem to indicate we can hear from all the time whenever we ask a question.

  2. My father abandoned me when I was seven months old so I have never celebrated or acknowledged Father’s Day. I became a Christian in December 2018 and on Father’s Day of 2019, for the first time in my life (I am 52 years old), I wished a happy Father’s Day to a father that I love, and who loves me.
    Very powerful, and very emotional.

  3. When I asked Jesus how he felt about me.. This is what he said “ I love you with a everlasting love and you belong to me”

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