This could be damaging your marriage

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Is it hard to get close to your spouse?

Do there seem to be invisible walls separating you?

Are you being blamed for every problem in your marriage?

Are you confused by their responses and don’t know what to do?

Then click on the video and you may learn both the cause and the solution to this very common problem.


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  1. Exactly!!

    This has been my husband’s problem and it has been a big one! I also felt vague shame from childhood on.

    My husband dealt with his by being intimidating and I dealt with mine by allowing it!

    Finally, we found some help, my husband dragging his feet the whole time. I also limped my way along because to confront, to tell him he was hurting me, to be strong before his face was anathema to me!

    One day, the Lord absolutely delivered me from intimidation! What a huge difference in our marriage! He is now able to show some affection and, to hold back the unkind comments that come to him so easily.

    Praise God! And thank you Dr. Grant Mullen for your videos.

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