What on earth are they thinking?

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Men can be confusing to women... and to themselves

This can create stress at work, in the community and in marriage.
But men aren’t all that complicated if you understand how they think.
Guys, this will help you understand yourselves too.
Click on the video and Kathy will attempt to explain the male mind!

The book Kathy referred to is: For Women Only By Shaunti Feldhahn
The author also has a companion book, For Men Only (about understanding women, I think it's 500 pages! Grant)

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Comments 3

  1. This video is not only for women / men relationships. It is how we need to treat each other – always.

  2. As a sociologist this principle of encouragement through respect I can really get behind and as a practicing social worker I’ve found encouragement better than discouragement in any relationship.
    In general men tend to the Why thinking; hence, their desire to take things apart to understand them. Again in general women tend to the What way of thinking; hence, the examination of others actions to gain understanding.
    Finally it’s worth noting my theory on the socialization of boys in our culture. This is a work in progress but basically it examines how boys when they exhibit any characteristics seen to be feminine are sanctioned causing confusion, frustration, anger even hatred towards the feminine in themselves and women in general. Much research would need to be conducted to test this theory of the ‘Why’ of conflict in male to female relationships.

  3. Hi Kathy
    Thank you for what you shared around understanding how men think.
    It is so good and very helpful. Men are quite disrespected in society because of the bad actions of some.
    So helpful!!

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