10 Steps to the New You! 2 DVD set & Workbook

Video Training Series for personal or group study

Would you like to have peace of mind, healthy relationships and a victorious Christian life?

Then you've come to the right place.... and you're not alone.

Do you struggle with your thoughts?
Do you struggle with your thoughts?

Would you like to have a clear mind, free from fear, able to concentrate and control each thought?



Do you overreact?Do you overreact and find it hard to stay calm?

Your emotional baggage is full of buttons that other people have no problem finding and pressing.
Want to get rid of them?


Are your relationships not quite what you want them to be?


Are your relationships not quite what you want them to be?

Would you like to be able to forgive, like yourself and have a better marriage?


Are you walking in victory?

Does walking in victory seem like an empty slogan?

Would you like to know how to stop struggling and use your spiritual authority?

Through my 27 years of medical practice, these were the most common issues that Christians were struggling with.

I just couldn't understand why so many Christians were suffering while we claimed to have all the answers to life's problems.

The truth is that God really has provided the answers and he wants to lead us to freedom.

The problem is that the answers aren't getting to the people who need them.

What I discovered

Through my clinical experience and my own marriage crisis, God showed me the keys that he has provided to set us free, body, personality and spirit.

So I created the 10 Steps to the New You program which contains the 10 key steps that will transform the way you think, relate and respond.

It's a road map that will guide you to a new understanding of yourself, others and God.

What took me years to discover, you can now learn in just a few hours.

The 10 Steps to the New You program is designed for personal or group study.

Yes, it will be a new you!

Imagine what it will be like to unload your emotional baggage, transform your marriage and hear the voice of God.
That's what the 10 Steps are all about.

You will be a different person by the time you watch the Conclusion video.

The most important part

Each step contains a teaching segment from me or Kathy, illustrated with the cartoons that you've seen in our seminars.

But the most important and life changing part follows the teaching, when you can join us in healing prayers that will release the power of God into your life. These prayers have been taken from our widely used Transformation Kit.

Never underestimate what can happen when you invite the power and presence of God into situations that you thought were hopeless. That's what we'll do in each step.

The 10 Steps to the New You is not just an educational program. It is designed to give you a supernatural encounter with the power of God to transform your life.

There's a Workbook

Enclosed on the DVD is a 43 page (.pdf) workbook for personal or group study that contains discussion questions that review the important points of each step. I've even included all the cartoons that are used in the videos. You can print out as many copies of the workbook as you need.

Each video runs from 9 to 26 minutes so there is lots of time for discussion using the workbook.

Here are the 10 steps

Step 1: I’m stuck! What can I do?

Step 2: Does God speak to me?

Step 3: Should my will be broken or healed?

Step 4: I’m moody, What’s wrong with me?

Step 5: I’m afraid, I can’t stop worrying, help!

Step 6: Why should I forgive?

Step 7: Do I like myself?

Step 8: What kind of family did I come from?

Step 9: How can I have great relationships?

Step 10: I’m in a battle? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Conclusion: You made it!

10 Steps to the New You!
Are you ready to be transformed?

God is calling you to a new level of personal freedom.

Have the courage to take action and invest in your future today.

Start now for just $79.00

Less than $10 per step plus shipping.

5 comments on “10 Steps to the New You! 2 DVD set & Workbook

  1. Sia To'omaga on

    Hi Dr Mullen

    I have read through your program on ’10 steps to the new you’ and I will be ordering this for myself and our home group which we have every Tuesday evenings in my home. I have heard so many great God things of your teachings through some of the ladies in our home group. And finally Ive made the time to look you up on line and found my interests in this ’10 steps program.

    Im particularly interested in this area of the ‘mind’ and the overload of thoughts that can happen for some people and for which can be overwhelming. But thanks be to God and the many testimonys of those who have been courageous enough to pursue their Healing through such people as yourself, we are able to find that Peace and devine Order in our Lives.

    Thankyou and I will certainly be in touch once we have worked through the program.

    Blessings to you and your family Dr Mullen

    Sia To’omaga

  2. Jill Moore on

    Hi Grant and Kathy.
    I want to say a huge thank you for the Transformation Series. We have used it now in 3 groups in our Church. It has brought transformation and healing to all those involved- some of it radical!

    Four ladies completed the first course, then 2 of them went on to lead another group and were so excited to journey with another group of 10 ladies, as they allowed God to powerfully heal and set them free from hurts, big and small.
    I also used the series in our ladies life-group (10 more ladies) and once again we saw people facing issues that were long buried yet still actively affecting their daily lives and relationships. Many isues of serious abuse and rape… neglect and abandonment. Now they all have not just the understanding of the issues but they are experiencing the change in their lives from the inside out! The prayer ministry on the DVDs is powerful!

    We just need some men brave enough to embark on the journey!!! I know it will help them too.

    For myself, God used Kathy’s teaching on the Will (session 3) to heal my heart and get rid of an area of powerlessness and procrastination that had kept me captive in an area of my life for a long long time. The resulting change enabled me to paint a bedroom that I had wanted done for over 6 years, but felt inadequte for the task. I set a goal, planned it and completed it (with my husbands help at the end). Now that may be nothing for some people, but for me that demonstrated a radical mindshift that was only possible through the awareness gained thru the teaching and then the healing prayer.

    I can’t thank you both enough and HIGHLY recommend this teaching programme to everyone!

  3. Angela Eden on

    Hi Grant,
    Just thopught that you would like to hear what the Ten Step program to become emotionally free has meant to me. For most of my teenage years and adulthood I was diagnosed as a suffer from depression. I have had a lot of counselling from professional people which helped a lot. But it wasn’t until I did the steps, that I felt the heavy helmet of depression come off my head. Now the mist is clearing and now the battles are being won by lifting God higher. I now know and use the weapons of warfare. Thank you for being God’s mouthpiece.

    (PS – From her Pastor: Angela has had major surgery this year and has stayed so positive and joyful, with NO signs or symptoms of the depression that plagued so much of her life. Praise God!)

  4. Jeanine Soligo on

    Dear Grant and Kathy,

    We just finished doing the course as a small group at our church. We had 15 people go through the series. It was very impactful in many ways. In addition to bringing transformation to individuals, relationships within the group were deepened and we all developed a greater appreciation and love for one another as a result of sharing and being vulnerable with one another. The prayers prayed at the end of each video are definitely anointed by Holy Spirit and were powerful in setting people free. Your teaching styles are direct and easy to understand. The truths you share are revelatory in nature. I would encourage anyone who is looking to help people enter into a fuller and freer relationship with God to take the course. We all came away with a greater peace of mind, healthier relationships and the ability to live in a greater measure of victory in Christ as a result of doing your course. Thank you both for making 10 Steps available.


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