Burnout, rekindle the flame


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Are you tired, bored, frustrated and angry?

Have you lost your enthusiasm and vision for ministry leadership?
Do you feel like a machine just going through the motions?
You may be in burnout and you are not alone.
Burnout is an epidemic problem that people are too embarrassed to talk about.
No one wants to admit that the fire has gone out and they want to escape.
In this presentation you will learn how God wants to rescue you from burnout and rekindle the flame for leadership.

Burnout, rekindle the flame

Are you in burnout?

In this presentation you will discover if you are in any of the stages of burnout.
Using church ministry as the example, Dr. Mullen will answer these questions:

  • What are the signs of burnout?
  • Why is it so common among ministry leaders?
  • Did burnout ever happen in the Bible?
  • How did Jesus avoid burnout?
  • How does wrong motivation leads to burnout?
  • What are my risk factors for burnout?

Performance or anxiety motivation?

You will learn why burnout is particularly common among those who are performance or anxiety motivated. Performance addicts are always trying to earn the approval of people. Anxiety motivation comes from the fear of what will happen if you don’t meet everyone’s expectations. You will understand how events in your past can increase your risk of burnout.

The rescue

You will learn how God wants to rescue you from burnout and rekindle the flame for ministry leadership. Dr. Mullen will show you steps that you can take immediately to reverse the downward spiral of your ministry.

The most powerful part of this presentation is the healing prayer at the conclusion where you can pray along with Dr. Mullen and feel hope replace your heaviness.

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