Controlling Relationships



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Have you been trapped in controlling relationships?

Controlling Relationships

Do people try to manipulate you and influence your decisions?

Do you feel like you are chained to controlling people and can’t escape?

With this DVD you will be able to recognize when your life is being controlled by damaging relationships from the past or present.

The desire for relationships is one of the most fundamental characteristics of being human. Why is it that so many of our relationships turn bad?

Relationships can be dangerous

Instead of being mutually beneficial and nurturing, relationships can become dangerous and unpredictable.

You will learn how unhealthy relationships develop and how they affect you as a child or adult. You will understand the concepts of godly and ungodly soul ties.

Controlling relationships develop when a person tries to force another to meet their emotional needs.

You will learn how to recognize when domination, manipulation and control are infiltrating a relationship. You will understand how these dysfunctional relationships can damage marriage and family life.

Your questions answered:

* How does your past control your present?
* What makes people want to control others?
* Who is controlling your life?
* How can you recognize unhealthy relationships?
* What do controlling families look like?
* How you can break free from relationship bondage?

In a clear and easy to understand way, Dr. Mullen explains how to break free from controlling relationships. He also explains how to let go of people you have been trying to control.

At the conclusion you will be able to participate in the prayers to break manipulation and control off your life and to release others from your control.

Feel the chains fall off, order this solution to controlling relationships by adding it to your shopping cart.

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6 comments on “Controlling Relationships

  1. Katherine Hwang on

    Hi! Dr Grant:

    I want to say thank you for your controlling relationships CD. During this time from the past, I have been suffer with controlling from my parent and I am always have a problem at home with my parent which is difficult to solve, but when I am listen to your CD, it is really helpful and it is make me feel comfort and better and release and also make me recognize why does my parent always don’t give me a space and leave me a lone and controlling me in my entirely life, I am so happy to find out the reason now and how to work it out.

    I think I really need get close to god and trust him and pray to him for healing for all my family and telling god to help us set free from our past memory and get rid of our baggage, I was feel really touch to have your presetation and I am always take a lesson about it and write the review of this CD, thank you for your helpful tip, I am really appreciate and believe that god are give you a great gift to help the people who have emotional and psychological needs by his power so you can speak and change the people through your word, it is really incrediable and really amazing! I am SO LUCKY that I have got your CD and DVD for other information with other mential disorder condtion, thank you so much Dr!

  2. Katherine Hwang on

    God bless you and I wish you good luck for your counselling career, we all need your nourishment through god truth and his power and we can change ourself!

  3. Debbie on

    Thank you, Grant and Kathy, for your ministry. Your ministry has been such a blessing to me, personally, and I want to encourage others to watch this presentation on Controlling Relationships. It was such a breath of fresh air to finally understand why others control me and then in turn, how I control others. God has blessed us with Godly soul ties on both sides of our families, but like you said, we all bring baggage into our marriages.

    I did chuckle immensely when you made the comment about the hockey arena being a like a phschiatric hospital. That was so well analazed in our Canadian culture! I grew up in the hockey arenas as a player, a coach, and a referee. Praise God that my children chose not to play hockey! Our family time has benefited as a result. What a time consumer! Not to mention that in Quebec, hockey is scheduled on Sunday mornings! Praise God that our teenagers still enjoy family church time together!

    I loved your prayer at the end on how to break these chains from unhealthy soul ties between my husband and I and and other loved ones. This is a great video to help lead a transformed life. Keep up the great work for God’s kingdom!

  4. Janet on

    Thank-You Dr. Mullen for your video on Controlling Relationships. I found it to be very useful, as I’ve experienced it in my family, as well as in others. Your video gives one an understanding of why we have control freaks and the fact that they have past and present emotional needs which haven’t been met.
    I pray for a HAPPY NEW YEAR for us all and that we will experience God;s direction for us.
    We are extremely fortunate to hear from Dr. Mullen on his weekly blogs. He is a real blessing to us all and the lives we lead!


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