Depression, The Path to Recovery

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Would you like to know more about depression and how mood disorders affect Christians?

Christians are confused

Christians are often confused and misinformed about the nature and treatment of mental illnesses. They are also very suspicious of psychiatric treatments, so many are suffering needlessly from correctable conditions.

With this 2 disc set you can watch a series of 10 TV interviews with Dr. Mullen where he explains a Christian understanding of mental health issues. By using clear and simple explanations along with illustrations, Dr. Mullen removes the mystery and stigma surrounding mood disorders in Christians.

Dr. Mullen answers the following questions:

  • Why are emotions important?
  • How can we break the chains of emotional bondage?
  • What is a chemical imbalance depression?
  • Can a strong Christian become depressed?
  • How can you tell if you are depressed?
  • Why are so many people on medication?
  • Are antidepressants safe for Christians?
  • How can a pill improve mood?
  • How can I help someone who is depressed?

You will learn how to use the simple diagnostic tools that Dr. Mullen has designed for the early detection and treatment of depression and other mood disorders.

You will understand mood disorders

Through these interviews, you will understand depression, anxiety, mood swings and chemical imbalances.

  • You will be able to tell if you or a loved one is suffering from a mood disorder.
  • You will be able to use the “Symptom checklists” to accurately explain your symptoms to your doctor.
  • You will even understand how the medications work
In a light and friendly, conversational setting, Dr. Mullen describes the path to recovery which involves healing of body, personality and spirit.

This set has become the most popular product we have on depression.

Depressed people find reading difficult so even our easy to understand books can be intimidating for the person suffering with a mood disorder. It’s much easier to concentrate on a series of 20 minute TV interviews than read a book.

These interviews triggered the largest viewer response in the history of the program.

Get this practical and easy to understand guide to depression and mood disorders by adding it to your shopping cart now . You will then have the tools to help yourself or a suffering loved one return to normal functioning.

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6 comments on “Depression, The Path to Recovery

  1. Trish Field on

    These Dvds & the “Moods” dvd have been such a blessing 2 me.

    I went through years of counselling & prayer ministry from the truma of sexual, physical, emotional abuse for 10 years & the extra baggage i collected along the way.
    I even went away 2 Canada for a 9 week course this year on inner healing. I came back & I still felt depressed, lack of concentration & i just didnt care even though God had really ministered 2 me in Canada & i had alot of breakthrough.
    I tried 2 hide how i was feeling as i didnt want 2 let people down in my church that had contributrubuted financally 2 me going 2 Canada.
    I was so determined not 2 take medication because i felt like i was a failure if i went back on them & some of my christian friends said i dont need them, I would always think “what is wrong with me?”. Then 4 months ago my friend lent me these dvds on depression & i relized that i could have a chemical imbalance. I went 2 my doctor & showed her the check list i did in Dr Mullen’s book “Emotionally Free” she did her own check list & i came up very strong in depression, anxiety, stress but everything in my life seemed 2 be going gr8.
    I have been on anti-depressants for 4 months now & i feel the best i have ever felt. I actually feel like i now have a life! I can concentrate now & my relationship with God is growing stronger than ever because i am able 2 put in2 action what i have learnt. Yay! God! I havent even finished watching the dvds yet! More freedom coming my way! Woo Hoo!
    I will be honest the first month i went on my anti-depressants, i felt worse but it was so worth it.
    I share this with u because, like some of u that r reading this I was uneducated in this area as were my friends that thought they were helpping me. I am no longer ashamed 2 be on medication its not a bad thing.
    I use wisdom in whom i tell 4 now as some people dont understand.
    If u can relate 2 what i have written then i encourage u 2 do Dr Grant Mullen’s check list for depression which is in his book “Emotionally Free”. If your result is high then i encourage u 2 show your doctor.
    I Pray that God will give ur doctor guidence 2 the right one 4 u as there r many.
    Please dont wait as long as i did!
    Make the first step & God will help u through it!

    Trish Field

  2. Jennife® on

    Wow trish, I’m really encouraged and happy for you… I believe I am bipolar, my ex has anxiety and OCD – what a bad combination… But the truth can set us free… I need treatment too. Thank you.. Jennifer

  3. Trish Field on

    Hey Jennifer,

    Wow! Thanku 4 sharing.

    Dr Grant is the profesional but I do have a few friends who have bipolar & with the right medication & taking it consistently they are living normal lives. Wouldnt even know they had it. I also have another friend who is living in denial about her bipolar. She refusses 2 take medication & its really sad because she could be living life 2 the fullest but she is so unhappy.
    I would encourage u 2 go see ur Dr.

    Father God i ask that u will guide Jennifer 2 the right doctor & right medication. I also ask that u suround her with a caring support network 2 help her through this season.
    In Jesus Name.

    Take care Jennifer
    U R precious.

    Trish Field

  4. Carmela on

    I’ve read Trish’s story of the chemical inbalance in her mind.

    I’d like to say that I had been medicated for 25 years and believed that I would never go off my medication and never function normally. I was not really a christian then and did not know the power the Holy Spirit gives us to overcome.
    I went off my medication and have been off them for 10 years.
    I have taken and replaced it with natural nutrition to correct that inbalance, (I think). I am feeling great with these products and feel that I don’t know it all except that I am feeling great and have been off my medication for 10 years.
    The medication worked for a while but I don’t believe they are to be taken all our lives.

    I thank you for reading this story. I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist but I do know what my body needed and believed that God would heal and help me, if he did it for me I’m sure others who believe will have the same results.


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