Emotionally Free -2nd Edition

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Do you want to live a transformed life?

Do you struggle with thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviors that you don't want but can't stop?

Are you frustrated that your relationships have never lived up to your expectations?

Are you tired of always living with a sense of spiritual defeat?

The struggle

As a Christian mental health physician, now retired, I have observed the constant struggle that so many Christians live with every day. It's unbelievable to me that churches so rarely even acknowledge this struggle which is daily taking place in the majority of their members.

Years ago I asked God what was wrong and what could be done about it.

The 3 links

Through patient interviews and my own personal journey God gradually showed me that there were three links in the chain of emotional bondage that kept Christians bound spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Emotionally Free describes those three links and how with God's help we can be set free to live a transformed and victorious life.

But you've tried that before...

I know, you may have tried self help books before with no improvement.

This book is different.

It doesn't tell you that you can do it all yourself. Do it yourself books just make you feel guilty, defeated and ashamed when you don't get the promised results.

Become Emotionally Free

With Emotionally Free you will learn how to assess your thoughts, personality and spirit. It solves the mystery of human behavior. Every chapter explains what to look for and why you think, feel and behave that way.

No more competition

Emotionally Free puts an end to the unnecessary competition that has existed among psychiatry, counsellors and deliverance ministers. These are important complimentary ministries and we need them all. The book explains the role of each ministry and how to know when you need them.

What's inside

I've listed the chapter headings below so you can see all the topics that I cover in the book.

In the first section, you will learn what Mood Disorders are and how they are diagnosed and treated medically. You will also learn how conditions like depression, anxiety and mood swings affect Christians in a unique way. In Chapter 12 you will be able to assess your own moods and determine if you need medical treatment.

In the second section you will learn how spiritual attack can affect your emotions. You will understand where your spiritual authority comes from and how to use it to set yourself and others free.

In the final section, you will be able to do an inventory of your emotional baggage and see how past experiences affect your present relationships. Kathy has written a chapter describing our own personal healing journey and how God restored our marriage.

The key

The most powerful message of the book is that no matter how suffocating your bondage is now, God is waiting and willing to set you free. I clearly outline the steps to invite the Holy Spirit into the problem to heal, restore and break your chains.

As you slowly move through the transformation journey you will enjoy a new freedom in your mind, attitudes, reactions and relationships. When Kathy and I discovered this process we were astonished at the positive changes that it brought to our marriage, family and careers. That's why we can't stop talking about it. It works!

So if you want to live a transformed life order Emotionally Free today.

Emotionally Free can also be used as the companion study guide to the complete set of all 16 DVD’s. We've put them together in the Transformation Kit.

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What people are saying about Emotionally Free. Add your own review in the comments box below.

Grant Mullen presents delightfully clear, transforming insights, salted with refreshing humor. We praise God that his message, filled as it is with the Holy Spirit’s power, will leap from these pages to effect healing and deliverance in reader’s hearts.”

John and Paula Sandford, Elijah House, Post Falls, Idaho, U.S.A., authors of “The Transformation of the Inner Man” and many other books on emotional recovery.

“Dr. Mullen is an outstanding teacher – one of the few who puts together prayer and medicine in an exciting, balanced combination. Grant is a pioneer on the frontier of Christian medicine.”
Dr. Francis McNutt, Christian Healing Ministries, Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.

Dr. Grant Mullen is seeing the Holy Spirit move in healing power among those who have come to him with various mental health problems. God has enabled him to combine sound medical practice with the power of God. I highly recommend this helpful book to you.
John Arnott, Senior Minister, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, Toronto, Canada

Table of Contents of Emotionally Free

Foreword by Dr. Neil T. Anderson
Introduction: Could this book possibly help me?
Section One: Physical Causes of Emotional Bondage
Chapter 1 You Mean I’m not going crazy?
Chapter 2 Has depression become an epidemic?
Chapter 3 What is depression?
Chapter 4 How can a medical problem disrupt society?
Chapter 5 How does Depression affect Christians?
Chapter 6 What’s so wrong about feeling great?
Chapter 7 When reality seems so far away
Chapter 8 I can’t stop worrying, what’s wrong with me?
Chapter 9 You mean I have to take pills?
Chapter 10 Why are Christians so difficult to treat?
Chapter 11 I Can’t Concentrate
Chapter 12 Symptom Checklists
Chapter 13 Section One Conclusion

Section Two: Spiritual Harassment
Chapter 14 The Attack of Satan
Chapter 15 Am I really in a war?
Chapter 16 The best kept secret in Christianity

Section Three: Personality Injuries
Chapter 17 Who is your true Father
Chapter 18 How to reconnect your head and your heart
Chapter 19 You can accept yourself
Chapter 20 What’s gone wrong with our marriages?
Chapter 21 What really happened to us
Chapter 22 I will trust and not be afraid
Chapter 23 Overcoming Rejection
Chapter 24 Set yourself free of control
Chapter 25 Are you wearing a mask?
Chapter 26 The Power of Forgiveness

19 comments on “Emotionally Free -2nd Edition

  1. Bob W. on

    Dear Doctor Mullen

    I’ve just read your book and I’m fascinated with it. I’ve been afflicted with depression, anxiety and have just been told I’m bi-polar. This has really been a devestating journey through hell and back. I had no clue as to what was happening to me while I was in this state. To be quite honest I almost took my life a few times during this journey.

    A insurance worker suggested I give your book a read. I had the hardest time finding a copy and was able to get a used copy online.

    I didn’t know what to expect about this book but I told my insurance worker that there was a war going on inside me between my heart and head and the battle was tremendously tough. He right away suggested this book and I guess I found out afterwards that he may be a christian, I’m not sure.

    I just want to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I still have battles and fights with demons I believe and one day I would like to be at total peace within. That’s the goal so I’m going to re-read the book a 2nd time and I may need some help with this deliverance stuff as I have no clue as to what that means.

  2. Bill Peace on

    Dr. Grant Mullen, After experiencing mental health issues in the family I was searching for information and answers to help understand and better relate to the problems we were facing. I picked up a copy of your book “Emotionally Free.”
    Once I started reading the book, it was difficult to put down. All of my questions were answered. I found the book easy to read, informative, and very helpful. I found it excellent as you spoke from both the medical and spiritual view points. Thank you again for such an informative book. Bill.

  3. Laura Ivanow on

    Happy New Year Dr. Mullen Just wanted to let you know my New Year started by reading your book” Emotionally Free” it was highly recommended to me and I purchased it from Shiloh Place Ministries. An awesome, informative, healing, book. I’ve spent the last 2 yrs listening to Jack Frost teachings and your book “Emotional…ly Free” has been such a blessing to me and it continues along with the flow of what I have been experiencing in healing my orphan heart. Thank you so much for being so transparent

  4. Lynne Veenstra on

    After reading several chapters of this book, I was able to identify with so many issues that Dr. Mullen mentions, even during his and his wife’s own journey to wholeness. This book gives me hope that emotional issues can be resolved by the one who came to heal our broken hearts and is an indispensable tool for anyone seeking emotional wellness. It confirms what I have read elsewhere. Thank you Dr. Mullen for authoring such an excellent book.

  5. Tracy on

    The book Emotionally Free is a great book and I would highly suggest it to anyone who suffers from mental disorders to read it. Myself I can relate to at least one thing in each chapter and much more in others and has very eye opening information and is very hard to put down.

    I have suffered from depression, anxiety and much more since I was a teenager and for many many years have been on a horrific rollercoaster. Suicide was in my thoughts and even though I knew God would not approve I still tried a few times and by the grace of God he kept me here because he obviously had other plans in mind for me than the ones I had for myself and this book for me to read was one of them.

    I thank the Lord for people like Dr Mullen that God has so blessed, to have given him the knowledge and the experiance that the Lord enable him to share these things with others. We need the Lord in our lives and/or with proper medications for those who need it and people like Dr Mullen. Blessed healings to all who seek. Get the book!!

    Thanks Again
    God Bless

  6. Kenny Riach on

    “Emotionally Free” is refreshing read which includes background to mental illness and how to get better , embracing a holistic approach through body , mind and spirit.
    Anyone with a slight interest in the topic will really benefit from this book. It is all the better for being written by a qualified doctor who shares his own story also.
    It was fascinating to begin to understand the medical side of mental health and the book certainly de bunks myths about mental health stigmas.

  7. tom conrad on

    Your book Emotionally Free has been a massive help to me. The three
    > fold approach of medical, spiritual and emotional totally described
    > what was going on with me.( i had problems in each of those
    > areas ). Especially important was seeing how the physical and
    > spiritual fit together. A physically weak brain is a huge easy
    > target for the enemy; but when properly treated, that person can
    > fend off the attacks of the enemy by being able to focus on the LORD.

    > I’ve given copies to several people when they started sharing that
    > certain things were going on in their life and also encouraged them
    > to talk to a doctor to see if there is not a medical issue present.

    > Since I’ve lived through this, sometimes i can help with the
    > spiritual side of things by pointing them to the spiritual section
    > of the book so they can see that a weak brain ( not a weak mind ) is a
    > great target for the enemy ;thereby reinforcing the need to take
    > care of the physical side ( medical )

    > Also, there’s a prayer in the psalms ( psalm 25:1-5 ) that the LORD
    > has been using in the spiritual warfare that can go along with
    > depression. I prayed it relentlessly when battling the enemy and the
    > LORD always provided the victory !!!!!!!! I’ve seen the same
    > results with others who call on the LORD in this manner.

    > Thanks again for your work in helping those of us with depression in
    > the church of Jesus Christ. It came late for me ( but better late
    > than never ) and now i want to pass it along to others so they
    > don’t have to go through the same hell i did.

    > thanks again.
    > Tom Conrad

  8. Debbie on

    I have read many self-help books (secular and Christian) on anxiety and depression over the years, and this is by far the best book on the topic that I have ever read. I was one of those Christians who suffered with anxiety and depression and exhausted myself trying to hide my illness from other Christians, because of the associated shame. In our churches today, there are so many lost souls hiding behind masks in their church communities for fear that they will be ‘discovered’. There is a belief in many chruches that emotional illness is a sign of spiritual weakness. And no Christian wants to be labeled as spiritually weak! This book so clearly negates that belief. Emotional freedom is only found by understanding and accepting the fact that emotional well being is comprised of three factors: body, mind, and spirit. Thank you, Grant and Kathy, for providing me with the tools, through this very helpful book, to help so many other hurting people in this world.

  9. Laura on

    Your book Emotionally free has helped me so much!! Thanks 🙂 Through your book I felt you were the first and only Christian Doctor who actually understood what I was going through.
    For years I was self-medicating my depression and anxiety and my behavior was really self-destructive. When I became a Christian things just got worse because I was told that as a Christian I should not start to take medication for my depression, and all the time my depression and anxiety grew worse and worse. For long time I blamed myself for not being able to snap out of depression. I used to think that I must be a really bad person because God does not heal me.
    And I still get nasty comments and they hurt, but today I know better.

    I am sharing your book with others. 🙂 I am praying for your practice. Your work is so important!!! I am so proud of you Doctor Mullen! May God richly bless you and your family.


  10. David Baldwin on

    Dear Dr Mullen
    I want to thank God and thank you for opening your heart and life and writing about your experiences.
    It is good news how the ideas of Medical Professionals concerned with Mental Health issues has changed compared to those of forty years ago.

  11. Jim on

    I have been a disciple of Christ for 26 years and coming from a background of alcoholism, drug abuse, occult and sexual abuse it has been a painful struggle. One of the keys for me has been on the medical side. My bi-polar II illness has not been medically treated properly. Since my diagnosis I have been on antidepressants and lithium. This was a mistake for the antidepressants have been fuelling my hypo mania and anger and this went on for 20 years. It took an emotional and mental breakdown and the expertise of a hospital doctor to just prescribe lithium to make things better.

    The Lord has made me spiritually strong so he is now working on the emotional baggage department. No doubt it has been a difficult journey and will continue to be so. I have lost friends, family, churches and even my wife and child but The Lord continues to draw me into a deeper relationship with him for his purposes as I walk in obedience to him.

  12. Dr. Grant Mullen on

    This comment was posted on Facebook and sent to me today.

    “What I am about to say some of you will understand and some will think I’m crazy, but that’s ok. I am reading Emotionally Free by Dr. Grant Mullen, he is also a Christian. The book is about depression and biploar and other mood disorders. Dr. Grant writes on how mood diorders can be treated and explained, how mood disorders work and I am learning how to understand T. better and what he’s going through. Dr. Grant also explains the spiritual side of the disorders and how satan uses the disease to toment people. I’ve been praying the prayers that are also in the book and list night I prayed for my husband and one of the prayers was for ;healing of T.’s chemical imbalance and that God remove any evil spirits from T. and my home, and I also prayed that God protect my children and myself from evil. So as I was laying there in bed while T. was sleeping, praying that prayer, I was so focused on praying and talking to God about a lot of stuff and all of the sudden this voice came out of my sleeping husband saying, “STOP! HOLD ON. DON’T DO THAT!” I responided with , “I WILL NOT STOP. I WILL DO WHAT GOD WANTS ME TO DO AND I WILL PRAY!” I knew then, that was not T. speaking to me and as soon as I stood my ground with the Lord, the voice was silent and had left. I also find God healing me through reading this book. Even though I do not suffer from a mental illness, I am learning how to understand it and I feel I am not as angry for annoyed with T. anymore and I am realizing I need to fight for my husband and pray everyday for him.”

  13. Dr. Grant Mullen on

    This review was posted on Amazon.com Oct. 3/2013.

    I chose this book because I have a very dear friend struggling with a chemical imbalance that requires medication. His diagnosis and need to stay on medicine has been difficult to accept – especially as a Christian who believes that God can heal.

    “Emotionally Free” is a wonderful book for Christians struggling with the knowledge that they (or someone they love) need medical help for a problem that seems to be so spiritual. “Emotionally Free” offered great insights on so many levels that I am now rereading it and will definitely be giving it to my friend.

    What I appreciate about Dr. Grant Mullen is that he is a Christian, counselor and a physician with the ability to clearly and simply articulate the complex causes, symptoms and impacts of mood disorders and walk you through steps toward healing (physical, emotional, relational and spiritual). This book comes packed with practical information, grace, revelation, humor, healing and hope. Get it and be sure to read it. You will be so glad you did! The title says it all – read it, work through it, and step-by-step become “emotional free.”

  14. Susanne on

    The book Emotionally Free, along with attending some of Grant Mullen’s very informative seminars, has played a very vital part in setting me free from years of anxiety, fear and ungodly soul ties. I came to the realization that I needed to break some ungodly soul ties and discover my true identity in Christ.

    As believers in Jesus Christ we sometimes are led to believe that we should not have any kind of emotional problems, or if we do have some, we are not to ever talk about it. It is so freeing to hear the truth about our common struggles and the ways we can be set free. This book has a wealth of practical information for anyone who needs emotional healing.

    Thank you Dr. Mullen for writing this book that is an incredible book of prescriptions for the emotions.

  15. Rene Lafaut on

    Dr. Grant Mullen.
    I bought your eBook called Emotionally Free. The medication emphasis was a no brainer… been doing that for years! But the emotional baggage and need for healing spoken about in the book have hit so many high notes… as I now relate!
    I have been healed, blessed, and restored in so many ways by reading it and being set free by the truths/prayers found in it. I had to read it several times over and each time dealing with different aspects of my life. I have Father God in my life now and I feel HIs strength to love again. I have my “will” reborn/re-made as it was broken as a child… which makes me more confident now and able to lead again… my wow is me poor self-esteem attitude is gone too. I have been set free from bad shame and understand what good shame is now too… I have prayed through many fears and wrong thinking and see God not so much as the jailor of Hell but Him who provides so many graces to keep us out… of that place… I know more than ever I’m not under law but grace…! I have suffer with schizophrenia since 1992 and been on meds for most of it… but it has been a slow recovery… I’m still not 100% mentally… but I would have been on meds 1-2-years sooner had I not had a fundamentalist mindset 22-years ago. My website tells my story… Thanks Grant for your help in putting all you helps and insights learned through your pain and journey… and God’s leading!!! PTL!!!

  16. Danielle Macaulay on

    Dr. Mullen’s book “Emotionally Free” came to me at a pivotal time when I was deciding to go on some medication that would help me with some anxiety. His book gave me the “green light” to begin the meds, and took away all stigma I had in my mind. It also reassured me that I had not lost the “spiritual battle” and had any less faith that God could heal me if I chose this path. Oh contraire! – the book gave me an assurance that God was providing healing via the wisdom he’s given my doctor, as well as modern medicine. From what I’ve read and know of Dr. Mullen, his approach is a very balanced one, and he offers sound medical and biblical advice. He marries the two beautifully. It resonated with me and just “made sense”. Since I finished his book, I’ve been recommending it, and I feel that this ministry should be more forefront in the church today so that people struggling with mental and emotional disorders may truly come to be “Emotionally Free”!

  17. Pastor J. Jewell on

    I would like to share with all of you that I was on a bad journey when I was referred to Dr. Grant Mullen; I was a single mom with 6 children; forsaken by my mother and my husband who was in prison for murder, my father, an alcoholic cried to try to help me and yet I had a God from my Catholic upbringing who was real to me; yet I could not attain any form of knowing I was loved, years of neg abuse had hardened my heart severely. I had to become a sergeant major mom in order to cope with three girls and three boys, I was in a operand mode, all along. It happens to the best of us and the worst of us;


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