Freedom Now! A Beginners Guide to Deliverance

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Do you want to have victory over habits, thoughts and behaviors?

Do you find yourself exploding into rage and overreacting to minor irritations?
Do you have habits that you hate but just can’t seem to stop?
Does your mind run off in directions that you can’t seem to rein in?
Are you tired of a Christian life that just seems to be one long struggle?

You are not alone

A very high percentage of Christians feel exactly the same way. These problems are really common but everyone is ashamed to admit it or talk about it. As long as we keep these issues hidden, no one improves and Satan is delighted.

There are many factors contributing to these problems like depression, bad parenting or childhood emotional injuries. But there is another factor that most people don’t talk about…

Spiritual attack

Satan loves to influence your thoughts and attack your mind. He knows that when he can influence your thoughts, he can steer your emotions and behavior. Creepy isn’t it? How long are you going to put up with it? Have you struggled long enough? Have you become a victim rather than a victor?

I bet you are totally frustrated with your repeated failed attempts to change your behavior and way of thinking. We’ve all tried it and failed at different times. You can’t do this alone. You need help.

You need supernatural help

No I can’t do it for you. You can read my book or watch my DVDs repeatedly but that won’t change you if it only becomes head knowledge.

Only Jesus can set you free from spiritual attack. He has given us spiritual weapons to defend ourselves and break off spiritual chains. The good news is that there is no extra charge for freedom. It was all prepaid at Calvary. You just need to find out what the weapons are and how to use them.

Use your spiritual weapons

Jesus is waiting to set you free. He waits for your decision to turn to him and unleash those weapons.

When Jesus walked the earth he was in continuous conflict with Satan’s kingdom.
He taught his followers how to be victorious over that kingdom of darkness.
Nothing has changed since New Testament times. We are still in a continuous battle with darkness.
The only thing that has changed is that Christians are less aware of the battle and have forgotten how to fight it.

In Freedom Now! A Beginners Guide to Deliverance, you will learn:

  • How I became aware of the spiritual battle surrounding my patients.
  • How Jesus dealt with Satan and his demons
  • How we can continue the work of Jesus to set people free in our daily lives.
  • How to recognize spiritual attack
  • How to use your spiritual authority to set yourself free

The most powerful part of Freedom Now! A Beginners Guide to Deliverance is when you join me in prayers to set yourself free from spiritual harassment. It’s only the supernatural power of Jesus that can release you.

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