Healing, A Physician’s View

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Does God still heal people today?

Do we really need healing miracles now that medicine is so advanced?

Why isn't everyone healed?

In this presentation, I discuss the role of healing prayer in a frank and honest way. Drawing from my own experience of medical practice and healing miracles, I explain how to balance medical treatment and spiritual healing.

I was a skeptic until...

I was a skeptic about the value or power of healing prayer until I began to see unexpected healings in people I prayed for. That completely changed my  perspective and now I regularly use healing prayer in all my  seminars.

Healing miracles were an essential part of Jesus’ ministry. He expects Christians to continue this work of proclaiming the truth and then demonstrating its power. In this video you will learn why healing prayer is still an essential ministry of Christians.

Get answers to these questions:

* What was the purpose of Jesus' miracles?
* Does God still heal people today?
* Who can pray for healing?
* Why isn't everyone healed?
* What hinders healing and how can we remove these obstacles?
* Do physical illnesses have spiritual roots?

The best part

The best part is at the conclusion when you can join me in prayers for healing.

You too can pray for healing for yourself or a friend. Get this practical and easy to understand guide to healing prayer by adding it to your shopping cart now.

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One comment on “Healing, A Physician’s View

  1. Annette I., Leduc, Alberta on

    I just want to say, thank you so much for creating your CD’s on Healing, The Power of Words, and Spiritual Authority!
    I listen to them often when I’m driving and continue to get more out of them each time I listen. I enjoy your humour as well as your deep understanding of the spiritual realm and your scripture references.
    I find myself trying to write them down while driving, which is probably not a good idea. You have a gift in paraphrasing certain Bible passages in a way that really help me to understand Biblical history as well as the spiritual realm.
    Thank you so much! I look forward to purchasing the DVD sets and introducing them to our church this fall in a Bible study setting!


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