Our Will, A Testimony of Healing

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Has your will been crushed or broken?

Our Will, a testimony of healing

Has passivity robbed you of your courage to move ahead?
Does your life feel like it's stuck in neutral?
In this presentation, Kathy Mullen explains how her will was healed as God walked her through the process of emotional recovery.


The perfect marriage?

Grant and Kathy thought they had the perfect marriage until God in his mercy stopped them in their tracks.

Kathy explains how they had both become emotionally codependent on each other but didn’t realize it. They thought they were fine because they were so busy and functional.

The problem was personal baggage

Kathy tells the story of how through a personal crisis both she and Grant became aware of their personal baggage and decided to do something about it.

While on the long road to recovery, Kathy discovered her weak and broken will and saw how it was blocking her progress.

Our will, a testimony of healing

In this story of personal victory, Kathy explains how God healed her will, stopped her codependency and strengthened her marriage.

You will also learn:

  • How to understand the growth cycles in our spiritual lives
  • How to recognize codependency in marriage
  • How we fall into the trap of idolizing relationships
  • How feelings of rejection can infiltrate marriage
  • How God wants to heal and activate our wills

The best part

At the conclusion you can join Kathy in prayers for the healing of your will.

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2 comments on “Our Will, A Testimony of Healing

  1. From a church in Madison, Wisconsin on

    For so long I just couldn’t do it – even things that were important and I wanted to do. Somehow, that “just do it” part of me was broken. The video on the will showed me that my will had been injured. In my case, the injury came from controlling, hurtful relationships. I’d been controlled and manipulated with conditional love. My will needed healing. I needed to see and break agreements I’d made with lies I’d heard over and over. I needed Jesus to restore my will….to let me know it was really okay to say no and mean it. To deal with my desire to please others.
    The principles from all the other dvds were applicable to the issue of healing my injured will.”

  2. Robin on

    Hi, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to Abba for finding your work of helping Christians in the arena of their emotions. I have a call to deliverance ministry and have received much, studied much but know and see the lack of individuals in knowing how to walk out the deliverances they have received…where ‘s the fruit from these tremendous deliverances Jesus has done? Anyway…Thank you deeply for pursuing this huge missing piece in the whole healing of mankind! The fruit of this missing link in the church is growing with your and a few others help.

    In His Hands of Love,

    Robin L. Reed


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