Overcoming Rejection


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Have you ever felt rejected?

Why is rejection so painful?
What does rejection do to our personalities?
Is there anything we can do about it?
Join Dr. Mullen as he explains how to recognize and recover from the wounds of rejection.

Overcoming Rejection

Rejection is an almost universal experience

We’ve all experienced it at some time and to some degree.
We usually don’t realize how much it has damaged our personality since we try to bury our feelings and forget about painful events.
In this presentation you will learn how the roots of rejection begin in childhood. These experiences shape and damage our adult personality and relationships.

Roots affect you now

You will understand how adult experiences can easily trigger the pain of childhood rejection.
You will see how our present behavior is shaped by past events.
You will learn how to recognize common defense mechanisms that are used to protect ourselves from the pain of rejection.
You will be able to uncover lies that you have believed about yourself that have come from past rejection experiences.
You will experience how God wants to heal our rejection wounds and restore our personalities.

The best part

At the conclusion you can join Dr. Mullen in prayers to be healed and released from rejection.

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One comment on “Overcoming Rejection

  1. K. Bottolfson on

    Thanks Grant for the short video on rejection.It encourages me to follow through and order the DVD.
    I enjoy your emails and have read a few of your books. I find them very helpful in my pastoring and the Critical Incident work I do.


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