The Power of Words

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Do words have power?

Do you believe that words will never hurt me?
What is the power of the tongue?
How can we break curses and release blessings?
Let Dr. Mullen show you the power of words and how you can protect yourself from destructive words.

The power of words

Words carry spirit power

The Bible explains that words carry spiritual power to bless or curse.
These words can affect individuals, groups, families or generations.
Blessings and curses are like invisible winds that blow on us every day.
They can be triggered by our own behaviors or that of our ancestors.
Once set in motion, they can travel from one generation to the next bringing good or evil.

Understand the power of blessings and curses on your life and family

You will learn how to become an active player in the spiritual war that we are all in.
What are the three sources of curses and how do they affect us.
You will learn what spiritual weapons are and how to use them.
Understand  how to use the keys that will break curses and release blessings.

Find answers

  • What may be behind continuous “bad luck”?
  • How can our family history affect our current circumstances?
  • Why is our tongue so dangerous?
  • What do curses do and how do they get started?
  • Is it possible to curse ourselves?
  • What are the “weapons of divine power”, and how can we use them?

The best part

At the conclusion you can join Dr. Mullen in prayers to break curses and release blessings.

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Read what people are saying about The Power of Words (that I posted for them) in the comments box below.

3 comments on “The Power of Words

  1. From Annette I., Leduc, Alberta on

    I just want to say, thank you so much for creating your CD’s on Healing, The Power of Words, and Spiritual Authority!
    I listen to them often when I’m driving and continue to get more out of them each time I listen. I enjoy your humour as well as your deep understanding of the spiritual realm and your scripture references.
    I find myself trying to write them down while driving, which is probably not a good idea. You have a gift in paraphrasing certain Bible passages in a way that really help me to understand Biblical history as well as the spiritual realm.
    Thank you so much! I look forward to purchasing the DVD sets and introducing them to our church this fall in a Bible study setting!

  2. Ruth on

    One Monday bible study, my friend asked us if we would like to watch one of your DVD’s that she had purchased at your seminar a couple of weeks earlier. After looking at the various titles I thought the one on Negative Words was the least threatening of the lot and a safe one as far as I was concerned. After a giggle or two at the cartoon pictures, it suddenly struck me that this was “getting under my skin” and needing some serious thought and personal examination. By the end of the DVD I was in inner turmoil – many things I hadn’t considered were ringing bells and patterns of behaviour were starting to take on a new light. I went home quietly saying what a nice DVD it was and that I had enjoyed it. My friend knew it had touched a raw nerve and over the next few days gently encouraged me and listened and helped me through it all. It has made such a difference to me. I plan on seeing the other DVD’S but will take them slowly – there was so much to sort out and get rid of just from this one alone. Praise God because another farther reaching outcome has been the restoration of seriously strained family relationships with our children.

  3. Lorraine Drew on

    The CD version has been such a blessing to me as well as a family member who had legal issues because of their mouth. Dr. Mullen your presentation is a kind of presentation that it is helpful to listen to again from time to time as a great reminder of practical applications of God’s Word to help to transform us all to be more like Jesus.


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