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Transformation Kit

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Transformation Kit includes:
•complete 16 DVD set
•43 page Transformation study guide
Emotionally Free book

Download the Transformation Workbook Express(shorter) or Expanded version

Get all 16 videos by download .wmv format (no shipping cost)! Only the book is shipped.

So you want to be transformed but don't know where to start?

The Transformation Kit will walk you through both the self evaluation and healing prayers that will lead you to a new life of emotional freedom.

With the 16 DVDs (18 teaching hours), the book Emotionally Free and the study guide, you will take a guided journey to understand your mind, spirit and personality.

Great for home groups

Not only is the Transformation Kit ideal for personal study but it's being widely used in home groups, Sunday School classes and discipleship training. With the study guide you can easily lead a discussion and prayer time after each DVD. No special training is required. One church calls it the Beta program since it is the next step in discipleship for graduates of their Alpha program.

It’s so easy to do and many churches have reported lasting and significant results. Just read the testimonies below. Then add your own when you've seen the Kit.

Read what people are saying about the Transformation Kit in the comments box below (that I posted for them), then add your own review.

From Bethel Assembly, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada
At Bethel Assembly we have a new perspective on emotional health because of Dr. Mullen’s Transformation Series.
In very clear, truthful and easy to understand presentations, mixed with humour, Dr. Mullen integrates medical knowledge with biblical truth to address emotional health. The series offers self diagnosis and a path to recovery and transformation.
We just completed this Transformation series at our Church in a small group setting. It was a rewarding experience with positive results as many participants were ministered to.
As a senior pastor for over 30 years I highly recommend Dr. Mullen’s approach to emotional freedom; body, soul, and spirit. His background as a Medical doctor and his experience in spiritual warfare offer a well balanced teaching on emotional health. The Transformation Series is a great resource for Pastors and Congregations or individual Christians seeking to be emotionally free. Every Church should experience this powerful series.

Rev. Harold Luff

Here are the included presentations:

Starting Your Journey to Recovery 


Our Will, A Testimony of Healing

Shame, Our Hidden Torment, part 1 & 2

Fear, When Trust is Lost

Forgiveness, the gateway to freedom

Overcoming Rejection

Freedom from Codependency

You Have Authority

Freedom Now! A Beginners Guide to Deliverance

The Power of Words

Finding Self Acceptance

Burnout, rekindle the flame

Healing: A Physician’s View

Controlling Relationships

Depression, the path to recovery

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17 comments on “Transformation Kit & Workbook

  1. From a group leader in Saint John New Brunswick on

    Dr. Mullen’s DVD series was so different than any healing meeting I’ve ever been in. As facilitator, I had fearful visions of people totally out of control – a mess of tissues and tears and lives completely wrecked by the memories – what on earth would I do???
    We are a house church, ranging in age from late 40s to early 60s, so the wounds run deep. However, Dr. Mullen’s humour and sensible approach made it an experience we all looked forward to every week.
    So if you’re apprehensive about doing this in a large group, consider starting with a small one. But I encourage you to start. Because we did it, another church is now starting. We are also praying about other opportunities to share this, “How to,” ministry.
    Rose St. John NB

  2. From a home group leader, Oakville, Ontario on

    My husband and I led a small group through Dr. Mullen’s DVD series this year.
    The DVD’s explain important topics in terms that anyone can understand and with the use of the study guide, this was an easy group to lead.
    We started off with a handful of people who went on to tell others about the series and our group kept growing.
    We would put the DVD in and then stop at certain points to ask a question and we would have a discussion.
    The DVD’s were so easy to understand that even non Christians in the group could grasp the basics and we did see salvations. We had several orders for various DVD’s as people wanted their own copy to be able to show someone who maybe would prefer not to be in a group setting.
    The group grew and we not only saw salvations, but people were coming to personal freedom.
    Dr. Grant and Kathy Mullen’s teaching is exceptional and Biblically sound.
    Anyone can lead a series like this.
    It has been a pleasure leading this group and we look forward to doing it again next season.
    Bev Gaudet

  3. From Pineridge Christian Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta on

    We as a church, recently purchased your DVD series on Transformation and have been showing them in place of our weekend message. We are all enjoying your passion (and your wife Kathy’s) for emotional freedom and your humor in presenting these messages that God has equipped you with. You explain so aptly that at the time of salvation, our sins are totally forgiven , but we are now Christians with emotional baggage from our past woundings that keeps us chained to lies that Satan has planted. Because of this, our growth is stunted and we are unable to fully connect with God and receive His abundant love, joy, peace, grace etc. and , therefore, we cannot realize our full purpose and destiny that God has for us. We are learning that if often takes medical treatment, emotional healing, prayer and deliverance to become fully free, and ALIVE.

    I have heard much feedback from our fellowship. They are learning how to deal with the issues that they have been struggling with for so many years, such as fear, physical illness, mood disorders, and rejection. I tell our people that if God is wanting to minister to them during the prayer time at the end of the video that they should stand up as an acknowledgment to God that they mean business. Your prayer time is absolutely inspired and anointed by God, and it is obvious from what our people are sharing with me that it is very meaningful to have the prayer time flowing from the teaching.
    I highly recommend this Transformation series to other pastors as a practical and non-threatening way to invest in the freedom of their people. They could be used in many ways – in place of the sermon, in a small group setting or as a counselling tool.
    Darrell Balfour

  4. Chaplain from Grand Rapids, Michigan. on

    I want thank Dr. Mullen for his wonderful DVD’s. Dr. Mullen has an unique gift for communicating God’s truth on many difficult subjects, such as Rejection, Shame, Fear, and many other hard to understand topics. If you are struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Co-Dependency or any other mood disorder, I would sincerely recommend his DVDs.
    Grady A. Jones, Chaplain from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  5. New Hope Mililani Church, Hawaii on

    I just want to drop you a little note on the wonderful works that God is doing in our church through your videos and DVDs.

    When I came back from the Breaking Free from Depression Conference in Hawaii, I recommended the series to the caregroup leader. We finally got to do 13 weeks of the material. Then I promoted to the church and made it a Sunday School Class. We chose 8 of the sessions and called the discussions F.A.S.T. (Freedom and Authority through Spiritual Transformation). It is to match the theme of our church (Spiritual Transformation). After one round of the Sunday School, people demanded it to return. Then the church full time staff requested that they go through the FAST class too. The teenagers in the high school fellowship started to request that the program be shown in their meetings. And our care group is getting set to finish the rest of the 6 weeks sessions so we can decide what to do with Part 2 and even 3. Excitement seems to be in the air everywhere I turn.

    Praise the Lord for doing His wonderful work to bring people to freedom! Praise God for you and thank God for using you to bring so much blessings to so many people. May He continue to bless you and your ministry!
    Grace Lin at New Hope Mililani Church, Hawaii.

  6. From Hamilton New Zealand on

    We’d like you to know the influence that our 17-week Dr Grant Mullen’s DVD series is having in Hamilton New Zealand.
    May God bless you two for your commitment to “Emotionally Free” and Journey to Wholeness.
    “Codependency”’ this term opened people’s eyes to the way they bend to others. Deep work was done and is being done by some on shame, rejection, self-acceptance. We pray now that seeking out the lie, replacing it with God’s truth, and living in His freedom will be held on to and remembered by these 25-30 folks.

    Transformation has been very obvious in about 5 people from our group.

    Mark and I love your presentations, Grant. Gentle humour; cartoons help to lock the ideas into people’s minds and hearts; the cyclic repetitive nature of your teaching; simple, practical and achievable material – all appreciated by us and our course participants.

    Blessings on you and your household,
    Johanna and Mark Whittaker
    Hamilton, New Zealand

  7. Froma seminar participant on

    Dr. Grant Mullen’s video series on emotional healing provides a route to healing through God in a gentle, compassionate, comprehensive, and humorous manner. He peels away the layers of pain that compile throughout life. In each video he teaches with clarity, revealing for example, how shame shrouded in past events or words, or rejection can impact the rest of your life. He then proceeds to guide the viewer through prayer to freedom with God from the emotional baggage. After experiencing healing from childhood trauma as a result of attending his series through a group in our church, I know he gets to the heart of the matter with Jesus Christ in the forefront. Week after week as I watched each video, I had ‘eye opening’ – ‘wow!’ moments, knowing I had never heard the steps to healing explained so well before!
    Lynn Clark
    Kitchener, Ontario

  8. Pastor Jen Darlow. Essendoin Baptist Community Church. Essendon, Victoria, Australia on

    I was invited to hear Dr. Grant Mullen, and to be honest, I thought it would be as interesting as chewing sand. But God’s spirit drew me to the conference and I was so thrilled, excited and encouraged. His message resonated in my spirit as being straight from the heart of God. His prayers at the end made my relationship with God so real, normal, yet extraordinary, and his presentation gripped me from the beginning to the end. He made sense!
    I have used Freedom Now, The Power of Words, Shame, and You have Authority with groups on a Sunday evening in our church and have seen people being set free from all manner of oppression as they prayed along with Grant in faith. I am also using ‘Words’ and ‘Authority’ in a Prayer Ministry training series that we are facilitating in another church with great acceptance. We thank Dr. Mullen for his faithfulness to the calling God has placed on his life, and bless him in the name of Jesus Christ.

  9. From Madison, Wisconsin on

    Our church offered a weekly group called Tree of Life focused on inner healing, increasing understanding, and recovery. We viewed all of Dr. Grant Mullen’s DVDs. Usually we viewed the video one week and had a brief time for discussion and prayer. Then, the following week we did some combination of additional teaching, personal sharing, and individual or group prayer ministry. Some topics (shame, rejection) required 3 or more weeks.

    The wonderful, God-given beauty of the year was that everyone – EVERYONE – grew and changed, each at his or her own pace. Here are some of the groups responses.

    The videos were really helpful. He talked about the things I struggle with – and the ways I struggle. Over and over he showed us how to come to Jesus for healing.

    The shame video was a big one…. “I didn’t think I had issues with shame. Wrong! Dr. Mullen helped me see how shame happens and what it looks like. I prayed and others prayed with me. This was significant.”

    A man said, “I used to think shame was something just a few people felt. People who had done really bad things or failed miserably. But I was wrong. It’s everywhere. EVERYWHERE! I see people dealing with shame all the time now. I see myself dealing with shame. It’s a whole new way of understanding what’s going on inside people. Shame is a very serious thing!”

    About the Healing of the Will. “for so long I just couldn’t do it – even things that were important and I wanted to do. Somehow, that “just do it” part of me was broken. The video on the will showed me that my will had been injured. In my case, the injury came from controlling, hurtful relationships. I’d been controlled and manipulated with conditional love. My will needed healing. I needed to see and break agreements I’d made with lies I’d heard over and over. I needed Jesus to restore my will….to let me know it was really okay to say no and mean it. To deal with my desire to please others. The principles from all the other dvds were applicable to the issue of healing my injured will.”

    “This year of hearing Dr. Mullen teach week after week…then praying for each other and sharing from our own lives….has been a breakthrough year for me.”

    “There were so many lies. Just lies. But I believed them. Now I know I can ask Jesus to tell me the truth. I don’t have to live with lies anymore.”

    Another person got in touch with deep disappointment. She had never connected her self-esteem struggles and shyness with a time in high school where her appearance changed dramatically. Suddenly, that all made sense and she was able to intentionally come to Jesus for healing.

    “WHY didn’t anyone teach us this before? Why doesn’t anyone in my church talk about this kind of stuff?” “I want to take these dvds home and show my friends and my husband….and my whole church.”

    To our group participants, these videos were groundbreaking. What we observed was that a person would engage at one level…then a topic was covered that was a major personal issue for them. Suddenly, their level of engagement skyrocketed. And, the person would suddenly say, “That’s amazing. I never heard that before.”

  10. Joan Fuga on

    I have been an advocate for the mentally ill for some time . I will be starting a care givers group for the mentally ill in July at our church. I find the the reviews of your DVD’s very interesting and I feel [at least some of them would behelpful] for my group. I am concentrating on depression, anxiety, bi-polar and schizophrenia.
    Would I have to have the whole set of DVD’s or are they available sperately?

    Any help you could give me would be appreciated !!
    I had to suggest this group as our church has not been willing to get involved with mental illness. Why I don’t know ….it is all around us. Help !!

  11. ELIZABETH on

    This Transformation Kit >> Would also be helpful to add to the Programs in some churches that offer the Class called “Celebrating Recovery”

    I went to this class few years ago at a Church in Mississauga !

    Your Teaching Kit would of been a great help for that Class Dr. Mullen!

  12. Joe Coreno on

    Hi Dr. Mullen:

    Is this DVD series closed captioned or subtitled? I would love to show it to the Deaf people whom I serve. It would be great to have it made into American Sign Language!!

  13. Bev Christian on

    Wow I have only listened to 3 Cd so far and I so wish I had been able to hear these way back. I have just suffered a marriage breakdown, which has been very traumatic and I have been “stuck” in this one spot for about 15mths.
    Now I can look and see I really feel I suffered from anxiety/depression for many years. I also believe my mother suffered from depression too. I believe this put my relationship under pressure and I don’t think my husband any understanding of it. Sure their were other issues. addictions, co dependency etc but all I can look at is where I went wrong. I feel finally I can be healed and walk in fullness…. I don’t even know how long I suffered depression.
    I look back now and think I have been on a downward spiral.. for all those years… and now at 61 I am on my own, ….I need help….can’t wait to listen to the next Cds on depression….. it is as if someone finally gets me… the last piece of the puzzle has fitted in. I don’t have to feel shame. It is Ok as a Christian to ask for help. I have worked so hard at the counselling etc but think I need the Body Soul and Spirit stuff.

  14. Lucille Orr on

    Dr. Grant’s Teachings have changed peoples lives right before our eyes.
    I have been in the healing ministry for about twenty years. Never have I seen such results so quickly!. As I prayed for people I wondered why many did not get healed.
    Now I have learned from Dr. Grant’s teachings that we need to address all three parts of people; body, soul and spirit.
    Our Healing Academy is almost finished viewing the 16 DVD’s. Memories and hidden wounds are surfacing and many are getting rid of their baggage and coming to freedom in Jesus Christ.
    While watching Controlling Relationships one man finally realized that his father controlled him and apologized to his wife.
    Another while watching Self-Acceptance had a painful memory surfaced how she never received the nurturing love from her mother. As she dealt with these issues God is working in her to restore what she has lost and pouring His love into her!
    We have even had reports of demons leaving as someone experienced
    freedom from curses in their lives.
    Rejection issues are surfacing and many are gaining an understanding of what triggers their reactions to things that their spouse has said and done. It all stems from wounds and lies from their early years.
    It is exceptional teaching and the prayers at the end are extremely helpful.
    Thank you so very much Dr. Grant and Kathy. What a blessing you both are!!!


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