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To live a transformed life, you need to know where to begin.

This is why I designed the four part self assessment guide which comes to your inbox every week for a month.

Each week for four weeks, you will receive two videos where you will learn how to assess yourself in one of the three major areas that affect your thinking. If you recognize problems in any area, you can get working on them right away by visiting the links I provide.

Part 1: So you want to be transformed?

Has the Christian life been harder than you’d expected?
Do you have that unsettled feeling deep inside that something isn’t quite right in your life?
Do you struggle with unwanted thoughts, anger, bitterness, fear and other toxic emotions that you just can’t shut off?

This week you will learn about the three links in the chain of emotional bondage and how God wants to help you break each link.

Part 2: Can you control your thoughts?

Your thoughts determine your mood which has profound effects on your activities, attitudes and relationships. If you can’t control your thoughts then you can’t control your moods.

I spent most of my career treating mood disorders like depression, anxiety and mood swings so it’s a particular interest of mine.

Here are some of the questions I will answer:

  • How can a Christian be depressed or anxious?
  • Why do Christians suffer more from depression than non Christians?
  • What is a normal mood?
  • How do I know if I need help?
  • What’s the difference between depression and discouragement?
  • Why does depression wipe you out spiritually?

You will find lots of information to help you understand mood disorders and then take action to help yourself or a loved one.

Part 3: Is emotional baggage disrupting your life?

You will get answers to these questions:

  • What is emotional baggage?
  • What is the most important factor that determines your success in life?
  • Where do we learn how to have healthy emotions?
  • What determines your self image and self confidence?
  • Does time heal emotional injuries?
  • How does Satan take advantage of our baggage?
  • Why do we believe lies about ourselves and others?
  • How do we get rid of our baggage?

We all have emotional baggage but you can reduce it’s affect on your life. We have lots of resources that will help you understand and get rid of baggage. They will change your life!

Part 4: The invisible war

This week we will discuss the affects of spiritual conflict on your life.

Did you know that God has given us weapons to use in the invisible war that’s going on over our heads? It’s a battle for your mind and you can have victory!

This week you will learn:

  • What tactics does Satan use to trick us?
  • Where does he get his ammunition?
  • How can we protect ourselves?

We have access to the most powerful spiritual weapons in the universe. They demolish strongholds.

Would you like to know what these weapons are and how to use them?
We have lots of resources to help you.

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