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Do you want a Transformed Church?

God wants us to be more than saved

Romans 12:2 indicates that God wants us to be saved and transformed! But how do you do that?

This was the question that I started asking myself when I first heard this verse in my teens. I wanted to be transformed but no one told me how.

I’m sure I’m not the only Christian who has been frustrated by the desire to transform but not being able to find the path to take me there.

That’s the reason why Kathy and I developed the Live a Transformed Life Seminar.

Through 26 years as a mental health physician, I came face to face with the struggles and emotional brokenness of an astonishing number of Christians. They were too embarrassed to admit to their pastor that they were struggling since there was such a strong expectation that all believers were continually walking in victory.

Why were so many Christians struggling? Why was transformation so elusive? I knew there had to be missing pieces to the puzzle of how to live a victorious transformed life. (You can learn more about how I got started by clicking on About Dr. Grant Mullen)

So I decided to make it my life’s work to find the keys to transformation.  Since 1995 Kathy and I have been sharing this message internationally.

Our seminars have many formats.

1. Marriage Unlimited seminar

Discover the marriage God designed for you.
In this weekend seminar, attendees will learn how to remove the most common obstacles to a great marriage like: Emotional baggage, Depression/Anxiety/Mood Swings, Unforgiveness, Pornography and lots more. They will also learn how to hear God’s voice for themselves.

We’ll be taking many of the principles from our book Emotionally Free and applying them to marriage. We will also have a one week getaway seminar every November in the Dominican Republic.

Click here for more information.

2. The Porn Epidemic, how to help others and protect your children.

Pornography use is widespread among Christians, especially those in the internet generation. This session will explain the physical, spiritual, emotional and relational effects of pornography, how to begin the recovery process and how to protect yourselves and children.

3. Live a Transformed Life Seminar

The Live a Transformed Life Seminar is not a clinic to fix broken people.
It’s a life changing event to help all Christians step into their God given destiny of emotional freedom and personal transformation.

The good news is that God has given us everything we need to live transformed lives. Christians no longer have to remain frustrated in a broken state. We can all be transformed and we can start today!

The Live a Transformed Life Seminar is not a place to increase head knowledge nor to get a to do list that will be forgotten by bedtime. That will only make you more frustrated.

The seminar is an enjoyable experience where through the use of cartoons we laugh at our common problems and experiences. We explore the causes of our attitudes and behaviors and then invite God to come and transform our minds and hearts.

Before the transformation seminar


After the seminar


Everyone who comes will learn practical, Biblical steps that can be taken right away to see personal chains come off.

The most powerful and effective part of each session is when Kathy or I lead the participants in healing prayers where the Holy Spirit is invited to speak to hearts and heal them. Everyone will have opportunities to hear from God for themselves since only God can bring transformation. I can’t change anyone but myself.

Bonus Offer

As a followup to the seminar, participants are welcome to meet with Kathy and me in a private 1 hour appointment on the day following the last session. This service is paid for by the client and is only available on request of the host organization.

Ongoing followup can be provided by phone or Skype through coaching appointments. For more information on coaching click here.

4. Live a Transformed Life Ministry Workshops

These are customized seminars specifically designed to equip those of you who are in any kind of (paid or volunteer) ministry to  see people transformed. Kathy and I do short presentations on how to integrate, psychiatry, deliverance, counselling and prayer ministries. I also explain how to understand mood disorders and how you can do a simple initial assessment for chemical imbalances. Most of the time is spent answering and discussing your questions. We want to increase your ministry effectiveness and tailor the event to your needs and interests.

5. God speaks! How to hear the voice of God

We have found that the most rapid transformation comes to people who can hear God speak to them the healing words that will break their chains. The problem is that most Christians have never been taught how to hear God for themselves. In this 5 part seminar, you will learn the keys to hearing God’s voice. You can learn more about the seminar and video series here.

The key to church growth

In my opinion, personal transformation is so powerful, it’s even the key to church growth. I explain it in my video blog here.

But hold on…

I know some pastors are hesitant to have this kind of event. They feel that if we talk about our problems it just opens “Pandora’s Box” and makes things worse.

In my experience, these problems are so common that the “Box” is already wide open. With the Live a Transformed Life Seminar, we allow God to come and open our minds to the causes of our struggles and then change us so many problems get resolved and the pastor’s job gets easier.

Listen to Pastor Mike Davis, Bethel Christian Assembly Brandon Manitoba
“After the Transformation seminar many came and thanked us with tears in their eyes for hosting this conference. Others came and testified with tears and passion how for decades they were ensnared by the enemy into a mood disorder that kept them a prisoner living in defeat but now they are experiencing freedom and transformation.”

Other pastors have concerns about follow up after the seminar. That’s why I created the Transformation Kit which contains all 16 DVDs, a study guide and my book Emotionally Free. Without any special training, a person can host a Transformation home group where interested people can watch a DVD, discuss it and pray together. That way the message of the seminar can continue for months after.

Topics are listed below

I’ve included a list of my topics below along with a link to a five minute preview of most sessions. The topics are grouped into three levels from How to get started (Level One) to advanced (Level Three). These groupings are just a suggestion. Each seminar is customized to the needs and interests of the host group. All sessions end with corporate prayers to invite God to speak to us and lead us to transformation.

What people are saying…

“Dr. Grant Mullen is a blessing to the church. He has deep spiritual roots supporting his medical expertise. The church needs this man’s balance to deal with the many mood disorders that plague the Christian community.”
Dr. Neil T. Anderson
Founder and President Emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries
Author of The Bondage Breaker

“Many people live in shame and condemnation because of unresolved emotional issues. Sadly, this dramatically impacts all of their relationships. Dr Grant and his wife Kathy address these issues from the spiritual level, the emotional level, and the physiological level. It is a marvelous thing to see people’s shame drop off and their faces come alive while Dr Grant and Kathy minister.”
Rev. Dave Toyne
Agape Christian Family Church
Clear Lake, Iowa

Click here for more testimonials from pastors and attendees

Transformation Seminar is not just another conference. It’s a practical, Biblical, life changing and fun experience.

If you have any questions about the Transformation Seminar just contact me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Grant Mullen M.D.


All sessions end with corporate prayers to invite God to speak to us and lead us to transformation.

Level 1: How to get started

Introduces the basic principles of why we need to be transformed and how to begin.

Starting Your Journey to Recovery
Is your life a struggle both spiritually and emotionally?
Do you wonder what’s holding you back?
Do you feel like you’re walking with chains around your ankles?
Do you wonder how to break free from this struggle?
Learn how to start your journey to recovery by understanding the three links in the chain of emotional bondage.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Find out what Christians should know about depression, anxiety and mood swings.
What is depression? Do I have it? How is it treated?
Can a Christian be depressed? Are antidepressants safe?
These are just a few of the questions answered in this 1 hour easy to understand presentation.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Our Will, A Testimony of Healing by Kathy Mullen
Has your will been crushed or broken?
Has passivity robbed you of your courage to move ahead?
Does your life feel like it’s stuck in neutral?
In this presentation, Kathy Mullen explains how her will was healed as God walked her through the process of emotional recovery.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Anger, taming your wild side
Is anger destroying your marriage, children or career? Would you like to conquer your anger so people would actually want to be around you? God has given you the tools to bring anger under control so it will no longer disrupt your life and the lives of everyone around you.
For more information click here.


Shame, Our Hidden Torment, part 1
Do you feel like a loser?
Are you always comparing yourself to people who make you feel inadequate?
Do you strive for unreachable goals and impossible standards?
Do you often feel dumb, stupid, worthless and defective?
Do you feel like you don’t belong anywhere?
You may be living with the wounds of shame.
In this two part series, you will learn how to tell if your life has been damaged by shame and how to be set free from it.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Level 2

Deals with common problems, their origins and solutions.

Fear, When Trust is Lost
Do you struggle with fear and anxiety?
Why is fear such a common problem?
Is there any way to stop it?
In this presentation, you will gain the tools to overcome and take control of the fears that disrupt your life.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Forgiveness, the gateway to freedom by Kathy Mullen
Do you find it hard to forgive?
Why do we need to forgive?
Why do we have to forgive if the other person is guilty?
In this presentation Kathy Mullen explains how forgiveness is the gateway to personal freedom. She will show you how unforgiveness becomes a trap and how forgiveness can set you free.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Overcoming Rejection
Have you ever felt rejected?
Why is rejection so painful?
What does rejection do to our personalities?
Is there anything we can do about it?
Learn how to recognize and recover from the wounds of rejection.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information clickD here.

Freedom from Codependency
What is Codependency?
How does it happen to relationships?
How do I know if I’m in a codependent relationship?
What can I do about it?
See how this problem develops, how to spot it and how to be free.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Level 3

Tier 3 introduces the reality of spiritual conflict, how it affects us and how we can be victorious.

You Have Authority
Do you ever feel weak and powerless?
Would you like to learn the best kept secret in Christianity?
Have you ever wondered where Satan got his authority?
What is your role in the “Great Commission?”
In this presentation you will discover your hidden authority and learn how to use it.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Freedom Now! A Beginners Guide to Deliverance
Do you ever think you’re under spiritual attack?
Do you have habits that you can’t break or thoughts that you can’t stop?
Do you feel like a victim more than a victor?
Know how to set yourself free from spiritual attack.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

The Power of Words
Do words have power?
Do you believe that “Words will never hurt me?”
Why do some families have such good “luck” and others seem to struggle?
Does your family have a recurring behavior pattern running
through the generations?
Understand the power of words, how you can increase blessings and break curses..
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Additional topics

Finding Self Acceptance
Do you have self confidence?
Have you ever wondered how to get more of it?
Why are people so self conscious, defensive and oversensitive?
Learn the causes of these common human characteristics and how finding self acceptance can release you from these traps.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Shame Part 2, How shame damages families
and churches
Did you come from a functional or dysfunctional family?
What did you learn about yourself when you were growing up?
Did you hear affirming or critical words?
In church, did hearing about God’s love make you feel valued or were you shamed for not keeping all the rules?
In part 2 of the Shame series, understand how God wants to heal the wounds from our families and churches.
For more information click here.

Burnout, rekindle the flame
Are you exhausted and tired of ministry?
Has your vision for the future become lost in management of the present?
Have people become just a number or a project?
Do you feel you’re putting out more effort and getting fewer results?
You may be in ministry burnout.
Learn how to recognize and recover from burnout.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Healing: A Physician’s View
Does God still heal people today?
Do we really need healing miracles now that medicine is so advanced?
Why isn’t everyone healed?
In this presentation, I explain the role of healing prayer in a frank and honest way. Drawing from my  own experience of healing miracles, I explains how to balance medical treatment and spiritual healing. I conclude with a time of healing prayer for those who need healing and for those who want to be used in praying for others.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

Controlling Relationships
Have you been trapped in controlling relationships?
Do unhealthy relationships try to manipulate you and influence your decisions?
Do you feel like you are chained to controlling people and can’t escape?
Learn how to recognize when your life is being controlled by damaging relationships from the past or present.
Watch 5 Minute Preview | For more information click here.

The Power of a Godly Imagination by Kathy Mullen
Learn why God gave us the capacity to see things with our spirit and mind, and how we can use that ability the way God intended. This session will help you activate your spiritual eyes and ears so you can learn how to hear from God and talk to him in a more visual way. Your walk with God will be transformed and it will open the door to new levels of creativity.

The Profitable Servant, how walking with God is good for business
Can you be “called” to secular work?
Are large profits Godly?
Does God do business miracles?
Can you use the “Five fold ministries” in business?
How does the Holy Spirit give us a competitive advantage?
How can God empower your strengths?
This 1 or 2 part seminar will answer these questons and affirm the marketplace calling of Christian business people. You will learn how God wants to help you be more profitable.

The power of His presence
When you are in the presence of God there is no limit to what can happen.
God’s presence releases the supernatural into your life and circumstances.
How is God’s presence different in the New Testament?
What is the key to evangelism and miracles?
How can you bring God’s presence into your home and work?

You need a relationship checkup
We spend lots of time and money maintaining our cars and houses. How much effort are we putting into our marriages? In this fun presentation, Grant and Kathy demonstrate using volunteers how to do a relationship checkup and preventive marriage maintenance.

The dream is alive!
God has given us the ability to be creative and to dream of what could be.
Do you have dreams that have been abandoned due to circumstances?
What should we do with broken dreams?
How can we call to life God’s dream for us?