A simple gesture changed the course of history!

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God loves to partner with humans

He can use the smallest act of obedience to release a miracle.

You only need faith, trust…… and a heart for adventure!

Click on the video and start an exciting partnership!

To live a transformed life, you need to watch for God’s promptings to act. You could release a miracle

Now I want to hear from you

How has God used a small act of yours to do something big? Just leave your comments in the box below.

God wanted a partner!

God wanted a partner!

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  1. We needed to sell our house because my husband lost his job and filed for divorce. The house sold in 6 hours(first miracle).

    We had no idea where we were going to live. I prayed and told God that I trust Him to provide for us. We went on vacation and the realtor called. She said a house that I looked at and had a contract on fell through. We then put in an offer below the asking price and it was accepted immediately. (2nd miracle). The realtor said she couldn’t believe we got a nice house for this price in our school district and it is completely paid for!! She said someone is really looking out for me!! 🙂 God is so good ALL the time.

  2. Love this video, Dr Grant..this is a Biblical principle I have tried to practice all of my Christian life, though I’m sure I’ve missed the mark every now and then. As I was listening to you, I remembered when I was a baby Christian and the Holy Spirit had prompted me to call my neighbor downstairs and pray for her on the phone.I was terrified and wrestled with God for a long while.Later that afternoon I did call and got tears in my eyes when she told me she had been very depressed and told God she needed encouragement, and she had asked Him to put her on someone’s heart to pray for her.Wow!! I’ve never forgotten that.She was tremendously blessed and so was I.But I almost talked myself out of the blessings of God, because she used to go to a Nazarene church and didn’t pray in tongues as far as I know, and it was only when the Lord let me know that He didn’t ask me to pray in tongues with her, but rather just call and pray for her, then I was obedient to make the phone call..She realized how much God cared for her, and I as a baby Christian realized I could hear the voice of God, which was so life transforming for me..God’s blessings upon you and yours this year Dr Grant..

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  4. a Christian for many years, I had prayed to receive the gift of tongues for a very long time. My New Day had a guest, Corey Russell, on the last 3 days and reiterated the importance of tongues and how the Holy Spirit wants this intimacy with each of us and that the gift is for everyone of God’s children. Walking my dog a few words came to me, and, being skeptical as most evangelicals are I googled the words and found that they are actually Hebrew words and tremendously meaningful to me!!

  5. I felt leaded to go to a ministery of deliverance and I needed a car. I could have gone by bus but I figured I might be a basket case when I was done. So I prayed and said to God, “I’m going one way or another but a car would be so much nicer.” The next day my father called with the offer of a car. On top of all that when I was staying at the Minister’s home I got very ill. I remember being on the floor in the bathroom and I called out to God and said I didn’t need this sickness and it cleared up right away. Amazing God.

  6. As you say Grant, it is not us who does the miracles, We have to Trust God. and God uses humans. I have not been well at all before and since my Appendix operation, I finally went to the doctor who sent me for a blood test, I found out that both my kidneys were/are infected. I had a scan yesterday to show that my left kidney is still very tiny since a bladder problem a number of years ago.
    I AM TRUSTING GOD THIS SUNDAY WHEN I HAVE THE ELDERS ANNOINT ME WITH OIL FOR RESTORATION IN BOTH KIDNEYS AND RESTORE MY SMALL KIDNEY TO A NEW ONE. I know God is our healer so only He can restore my body as I have not been well my whole body has not been right.l.
    God is faithful and God no matter what we go through.

    Like the sea being parted it was God doing it through Moses as Moses Trusted God to do the miracle.

    Blessings Gayle

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