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Debbie broke free from the stigma and shame

Last week we talked about ending the stigma among Christians about having depression or a mood problem needing medications.

This week you will hear the testimony of a woman who initially wouldn’t accept that she was depressed and needed medications.

She overcame the stigma and shame and made a full recovery.

But she didn’t stop there.

She wanted to be emotionally free.

So she unloaded her baggage too.

Click on the video and hear how God set her free.

Now I want to hear from you

Have you been treated for a mood or baggage problem and recovered? Share your testimony to encourage others. Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 5

  1. I was a conference speaker, Ran my own business. Operated a house for mentally ill adults. After marriage break up took major depression. Was hospitalized for 3 weeks on psychiatric floor. Many weeks of group therapy. Told I would never get better and to go on a pension for mental illness by Psychiatrist. Of course medication. Abandoned but by a few friends. Deemed by emergency psychiatrist to be possible psychotic I asked my family doctor to send me to psychiatrist for verification and treatment. Got my business up and running better than ever. This happened about 12 years years ago. I promised to obey the psychiatrist and I have. I am sure I could live off of the mild medicine I am on but a promise is a promise. She, the psychiatrist is a friend that likes to see me several times a year up till now. I have no shame.

  2. I also plead earnestly for those who are struggling with these mental challenges we face somewhat differing each at their lives. But the call we respond to which is the best we can do to accept His grace to face daily and finally become free from all the stigma, shame, and turn them to His promises which are more than we deserve needs prayerful sharing. thank you for sharing your testimonies.

  3. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I am currently recovering from a relapse of depression and anxiety. I went off my anti depressant meds last Fall (after 11 years) I was doing okay except for suffering from GERD (which was exacerbated by anxiety), until my job changed in January and added a lot more stress This caused a relapse. Constant praying and reading The Bible helped, which was recommended by my sisters (both Christian) but I needed more and it is medication. I spent 10 days in a Psychiatric Intervention Unit at a major hospital and am presently in a Transitional Day program. I continue to pray daily and read my Bible and will be returning to church shortly. I trusted God to help me and I believe medication is one of the ways that He uses. I was also able to share my faith with my group and I have been praying for them too, which they have appreciated so God has been working through me even in the midst of my illness. I still have a ways to go but now I am full of hope and the knowledge of God’s love and ultimate healing.

  4. Dr Grant Mullen’s book ‘Emotionally Free’ helped change my life. I was having such a hard time I couldn’t sleep a wink at night. My brain was going 100mph all day and night. Terrible thoughts. I Thought I was losing my mind or being punished by God for something.
    Heard about Dr Mullen, ordered his book, took its advice, and have never been better. I am still working on things, but my goodness what a relief I have now. i give Jesus all the glory, no doubt in my mind He is helping Dr Mullen help people like me.
    If you’re havin major troubles like I was, read ‘Emotionally Free’

  5. Thanks for these wonderful testimonies! Great to hear how you have combined faith and medications and now feel so much better. We need to share this video with others who are held back from full recovery by guilt and shame.

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